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Easy wood burning projects | step by step DIY pyrography blog

  • How to Properly Prep Your Wood Surface for the Scorch Marker

    The day you get your new Scorch Marker, it might be tempting to take it to the wood and begin drawing right away. However, for best results, it i...
  • 3 Simple Tips to Improve Your Wood-Burning Technique

    • Solid Point Burner

    The solid point “craft-style” burners are extremely popular amongst beginners to pyrography, especially because they are easier to grip and heat to a pre-adjusted temperature.

    Solid point pens also tend to be more affordable and easiest to transport, as all parts are included in the pen itself.

    Some of these craft-style burning pens even come with a heat shield to protect your hand from getting too hot.

    Solid point pens do require quite a bit of patience though, as they can take quite a while to heat up, cool down, and burn the wood altogether. 

    • Wire-nib Wood Burner

    Because they offer much more control and tend to be a bit pricier, wire-nib wood burning tools are commonly chosen by seasoned pyrographers.

    These tools are much smaller, making it easier to hold them for longer periods of time, and also provide lots of control over the temperature.

    Wire-nib wood-burning pens come with their own learning curve though, and are difficult to transport, so these are not typically recommended for the beginner. 

    • Wood Burning Marker

  • 8 Tips for Successfully Using Your Scorch Marker

    1. Sand Your Surface Before Burning

    Because the Scorch Marker works just like a regular marker with a fiber nib, a smooth surface is imperative.

    This will allow for easier writing and will help prevent the liquid from bleeding into the grain of your wood.

    A smooth, sanded surface is the best way to begin your project. 

    2. Transfer Patterns Before Using Your Scorch Marker

    Using transfer paper for wood or just a pencil, take the time to provide an outline for yourself before working with the Scorch Marker.

    Because heat isn’t applied until after you’re finished drawing, stencils can also be used to create clean lines.

    This reduces the need for sanding away mistakes made with the Scorch Marker. 

    3. Use a Powerful Heat Gun...

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