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Easy wood burning projects | step by step DIY pyrography blog

  • 8 Tips for Successfully Using Your Scorch Marker

    1. Sand Your Surface Before Burning

    Because the Scorch Marker works just like a regular marker with a fiber nib, a smooth surface is imperative.

    This will allow for easier writing and will help prevent the liquid from bleeding into the grain of your wood.

    A smooth, sanded surface is the best way to begin your project. 

    2. Transfer Patterns Before Using Your Scorch Marker

    Using transfer paper for wood or just a pencil, take the time to provide an outline for yourself before working with the Scorch Marker.

    Because heat isn’t applied until after you’re finished drawing, stencils can also be used to create clean lines.

    This reduces the need for sanding away mistakes made with the Scorch Marker. 

    3. Use a Powerful Heat Gun...

  • Wood-Burning Basics You Should Know Before Trying Pyrography

    Trying out any new hobby feels a little bit scary, especially when it comes to handling hot tools. You don’t want to mess things up, and you definitely don’t want to get hurt, which is why you must do your research beforehand.

    One of the most important wood-burning basics is to start by gathering all of your supplies and becoming familiar with your tools.

    When we understand how something works, we can accomplish so much more with it. 

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