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Easy wood burning projects | step by step DIY pyrography blog

  • 5 Fun Fall wood-burning ideas and patterns!

    What could be cuter than passing out matching fall-themed coasters for your entire family to enjoy on Thanksgiving evening?

    These are perfect to add to any dinner table this autumn and are sure to bring some of the outdoor beauty into your home.

    This natural and neutral decor will accentuate any interior design layout that you decide on, while also sporting a personal touch created by you or a family member.

  • 3 MUST KNOW Tips for Using Wood Burning Stencils with Your Scorch Marker

    When it comes to stencils, there are lots of options out there.

    Some people have their preference for stencil types, and the Scorch Marker works well with many of them. The most common stencil types include:

    • Vinyl: Created for cutting machines, like the Cricut, vinyl stencils typically have a removable adhesive backing. These are durable stencils meant for single use designs.
    • Ikon Art: Silk screen stencils can also easily be used with the Scorch Marker. Ikon Art stencils are preferred by those without a cutting machine looking to create their own customizable stencils at home. See a video of the Scorch Marker in action with a silk screen stencil here.
  • 11 Wood Burning Ideas for the Holiday Season 2020

    With the holiday season rapidly approaching, it’s never too early to get those artistic juices flowing and start preparing to celebrate your loved ones.

    DIY gifts are where it’s at, as these handcrafted, one-of-a-kind pieces of art can be treasured and enjoyed for years to come. And, there is nothing more special than receiving a beautiful gift created from the hands of someone you love. 

    This article will be examining 11 wood burning ideas to create this holiday for gifts that will last a lifetime.

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