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Board Bundle
Board Bundle
Board Bundle
Board Bundle
Board Bundle
Board Bundle
Board Bundle
Board Bundle
Board Bundle
Board Bundle
Board Bundle
Board Bundle
Board Bundle

Board Bundle

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Board Bundle:

  • 2 Scorch Marker Pros (includes bullet tip and foam brush)
  • 1 wood plank 14in / 35cm x 12 in / 29cm - pre-sanded, pre-mounted
  • detailed instructions 
  • a lifetime of dedicated support from our team
  • a lifelong return policy. If you aren't happy we will make it right!

Here was our problem:

We couldn't find a way to wood burn using stencils...

So we invented a non-toxic formula that burns wood when heat is applied.

Scorch Marker is a wood-burning craft marker that does just that! It's a marker that contains our unique heat-activated liquid!

Draw your design. Apply heat. Watch it burn.

If you need more detailed instructions, tips, or tricks, check out our TikTok or YouTube Channel

Watch the inventor explain how it works here:

We use science to make Wood-Burning EASY

Let's be real. Wood burning kinda sucks. It has a steep learning curve and can be really expensive.

We invented the Scorch Marker to bridge the gap.

Apply your design using the marker.

Then apply heat.

The wood will burn only where you drew with the Scorch Marker! 

How cool is that? 😎

4 square image showing steps 1-4 of how to use the scorch marker. prep then shake then apply then brush

how to use scorch marker 4 panel image of steps 5 - 8 heat then apply then oops then show off!

It's not only for wood!

The Scorch Marker works on all kinds of surfaces!

Here are some that work:

  • wood
  • kraft paper
  • cardboard
  • cardstock
  • gourd
  • leather (not all)
  • canvas
  • denim
  • cork
  • paper mache

Make sure your heat tool gets hot enough!

We recommend the hottest heat gun you can get!

1500 watts or more! 500F or more!

our heat tool looks like this:

Don't have a heatgun?

No problem!

You can use other heat sources to make the Scorch Marker work!

Try using:

  • toaster oven
  • direct flame
  • small cooking torch
  • propane torch
  • magnifying glass + sunlight
  • broiler
  • butane torch
  • cigar lighter
  • heat press

Be sure to keep the heat source moving so you don't burn your project!

Always test it on your workpiece first!

If your design isn't getting dark - you probably need more heat.

All wood surfaces are not equal!

Some woods work really well, like Walnut and poplar.

Other woods don't work as well like sugar pine and purple heart.


A little goes a long way! only a small amount of liquid is needed.

Test the marker on a small area first, before you try it on your masterpiece :)

Need help? Having trouble? Wanna tell us how you feel?

DM us on social or email us at

Happy crafting!

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