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55 reviews for Scorch Marker – 3 pack

  1. Kyle

    This product is AMAZING! I got it in the mail and was immediately impressed with how well it worked. As a woodworker I will be using this regularly, but anybody can find a use for this. I can’t believe I actually used to spend so much time trying to accomplish the same thing before I found it. I am a fan for life!

  2. GT Crawford

    This is an absolute breakthrough for any maker or woodworker out there who wants to leave a unique, permanent, and distinguishing mark and/or date on the work they produce. It’s easy, effective and priced right. And that doesn’t even cover the multitude of other uses for this product.

  3. dg15040

    This is an easy to use and awesome product that can really elevate a woodworkers/hobbyists projects. Love it and will definitely order more!

  4. siengthong

    This product is amazing! I love how you can change the shade of it (if you want it lighter, you don’t need a the heat on it too long, but if you want it darker you can leave the heat gun directly at it). It is a pretty cool item! Definitely worth it!

  5. Andy O.

    This is an incredible tool for the do it yourselfer and wood working lovers! I got this delivered today and went straight to work with it. The only caveat I can see is when using it on raw wood vs stained. If you are planning on a very detailed piece of work with crisp lines, i.e. stencil work, absolutely stain or treat the wood first, as this is a liquid and is absorbed and spread by the raw wood easily. You can see the difference in my picture above. Overall, a huge time saver and valuable tool in my toolbox! Will definitely be purchasing more soon!!

  6. Robyn Maccar

    Literally the coolest marker I’ve ever come across!! So easy to use too!!

  7. Lisa Smith

    These markers are such a fun and safe way to craft! I can’t wait to use them for Christmas gifts and home decor! I’ve tried wood burning the old fashioned way, and it is very time consuming and has a steep learning curve. This is way easier to use!

  8. Shelly

    Love this item. So easy to use!!!

  9. Derek

    I like the scorch marker a lot. Huge time saver!

  10. Dante Rogel

    Simple and easy to use. Works like a paint pen but be sure to let it dry before you torch.
    That’s the 1st piece I made using this product and I have to say I love it. It works very similar to a paint pen. The effect that it creates on wood is almost like a charcoal drawing on paper. It creates a smooth gradient effect that helps for blending. I also like that the chemical turns the wood pink because that makes it easier to see what areas you may need to torch.

  11. JOHN

    I have high hopes for this item. I love working with wood and this will be a great addition!

  12. mamafalker

    Love my scorchmarker…holiday gifts, parties decor crafts this tool makes it fun an simple!!! Ordering more for sure!!!

  13. Amazon Customer

    Awesome way to burn wood. Easy to use and looks amazing

  14. Christy Crider

    Scorch marker worked great! Shake, mark, heat…done.

  15. Amazon Customer

    So impressed with this marker! I used it at a friends house and fell in love. Can’t wait until mine gets here Friday!!!

  16. Koby Gartner

    Love my Scorch Marker! Works like magic. Clean crisp burns without having to spend hours with a burning tool.

  17. Steve Sebring

    It’s fun and easy to use. It gives a cool burned/branded look.

  18. Amazon Customer

    Order just a few days ago and received quickly!! So excited for the projects to come with this baby!????❤️☺️

  19. Amazon Customer

    Easy to use. Turned pink when applied to wood. First picture is before burning, second is after. Burned using a heat gun for approx. 20-30 min. You need a high-powered heat gun, but be careful! The wood gets hot. The longer you apply heat, the darker the burned wood is.

    Only complaint is that it took a lot of the pen for the design and the chisel tip wore away and buffed out toward the end.

    Would recommend taping your design to make precise lines. I stenciled the design using pencil and filled it in with the pen. You can see some of the lines aren’t as straight because it’s difficult to see the pink ink before heat is applied.

    All in all, good product. Would recommend. If you have a large product, buy more than one pen.

  20. Dawn VanDae

    Love this Pen!! Been making signs for family with my pens. So easy and so much fun 😉

  21. Dawn Marie Dooley

    This product does work but it takes a while. Took almost 15min just to see My wood start to turn color. Maybe if a stronger heat gun was used it would work better not sure

  22. Pen Name

    Scorch marker works just like it says. Used it to make christmas ornaments. Glad I ordered 2 cause I have so many new ideas!

  23. ADJ

    Easy to use and don’t need a wood burner, a torch, but just a heat gun to burn. It writes just like a regular marker….. with magic!

  24. Jenni Hathaway

    Oh this pen is incredible! I’ve been trying to learn wood burning techniques and although my lettering is fine, working with a wood burning pen is so difficult. It’s very hard to be consistent and smooth. This amazing pen makes a world of difference! Not only is everything more consistent, but it’s a lot easier to control the details.

  25. ks

    I was a little skeptical when purchasing this but I love it and cannot wait to continue working on my projects!

  26. Kristie M

    This marker is awesome! Super easy to use. I’m wondering how much use I can get out of the marker before it’s gone. One way to find out…

  27. Amazon Customer

    I am a middle school shop teacher and have my own woodworking business as well. This product is extremely easy to use and allows my students the opportunity to burn their designs into wood. All you do is draw a design and heat it up and you have a beautiful product. You can create some amazing designs and projects with this product. I’ve highly recommended it to a number of friends and family. I’ve used it numerous times in the short time I’ve had them.

  28. Erica Marcum

    I am very excited about creating projects with this marker. I received it for Christmas, and I just tried it out. My first reaction was that it doesn’t work. Turns out that my sad little heat gun that is fine for most smaller projects didn’t have enough oomph for this application. As soon as I grabbed the heavy duty heat gun my husband uses for flooring installation, it works like a dream.

  29. MatthewB

    LOVE this marker! So easy to use with a beautiful finish. Would definitely recommend this to anyone.

  30. Eric Routt

    Right of the package I tested it on a unsanded peice of wood and I can say for being a marker I’m impressed, I actually own 2 electric wood burners and this pretty close without the wood burning smell.

  31. br33zyx3

    This is much easier than a wood burning pen if you are trying to make a lot of items like I am for a wedding! Will definitely be order more!! Have already recommended this to many people!

  32. Jay Brackens

    I used one of my buddies who has a wood furniture making business and these are amazing for making your product your own!

  33. Hannah Ngugi

    This product is perfect for people who like to DIY! It’s simple to use, and lasts a long time! You need this!

  34. Harvey

    Works well, park age had some leaking

  35. Janet Cordrey

    Works great

  36. Amanda Newman

    I’m a florist & wedding designer, being able to make “rustic” looking wood signs so quick & easy saves me so much time & Hassle. I LOVE this product!

  37. Amazon Customer

    This product was awesome and easy to use while creating a name plate for my locker for work. I was able to design and create an awesome name plate super easy while getting that precessional touch at an amazing price. The tutorial video’s that were posted also made it a no brainer when creating my design!! Highly recommend this amazing product!!

  38. Amazon Customer

    Got this as a gift and I’ve got to say it’s amazing! Easy to use with kids as long as you keep an eye on them! Using a stencil seems to be the easiest way to get those sharp lines. Then I just used a blow dryer on the hottest setting and your creation starts to magically appear. Great gift for the money!

  39. Armywife150

    Love this product..

  40. THConst.

    Wife has made a few projects with it. She really likes it. A lot easier and more precise than using a torch to bring out the grain in wood.

  41. Dianne Gammill

    Wooden spoons

  42. krburton

    I loved this product! It has taken my wood crafts to a whole new level.

  43. Courtney

    Exactly what I expected!!

  44. Amazon Customer

    This is neat concept. The tip wears out after too much detail, but aside from that it’s pretty fun. Looking forward to doing some drawings on a river table project we are making.

  45. Carlos M. Mireles

    The only things I didn’t like was that you couldn’t get too detailed, not very sharp points specifically, and a lot of fluid came out and eventually bled out in the wood. Overall, I think my quick project came out ok.

  46. Rhonda

    I purchased the Scorch pen. I hadn’t had chance to open it up for 2 months; when I did; the item didn’t work. And the return window had passed. But I was able to chat with an Amazon Rep who was able to help me out. So for that I appreciate and give 4 stars. But the item itself .. didn’t work. Seems it was all dried out.

  47. Nicole

    Works well!

  48. Brett

    This pens is amazing. Don’t think I will pull out my wood burning tool again. Endless craft things you can do with this. No more catching the wood grain. This pen glides smoothly on a wood surfaces. Will be purchasing this pen for all my wood burning crafts. A must for someone that is looking to make craft or professional wood stuff.

  49. Melissa Murphy

    Took me 4 trial and errors to figure out how to make this look good without burning the wood or the house down; torch, stove, lighter, and heat gun. Heat gun deff works the best!

  50. Amazon Customer

    Did not know what to expect! Arrived promptly. I am excited about the nearly endless possibilities that await!

  51. Mason Harper

    I absolutely love this product! Makes getting great wood burned pieces with out all the hassle of using a wood burner! Fantastic buy!

  52. Troy

    Scorch works great for leaving your mark without sacrificing quality. I used it on pine (soft wood)and poplar (hardwood) and it worked great on both.

  53. Danny Woods

    This product worked well.

  54. Sabrina Hemken

    This is amazing. I work for an arts organization and we have so many different uses for the Scorch Marker. I can’t wait to see what other people do with it.

  55. Jessica B.

    I have used this product to make Christmas ornaments, plaques & signs, and even on some wooden box lids. I was skeptical at first but pleasantly surprised once I began using it! I liked it so much that I immediately purchased 2 more. The look does change a bit depending on the type of wood, and sanding the surface helps your fine lines not to bleed and it also helps to make the pen nib stay pointed longer.

    My son even likes to use it!

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