Butterfly Stencil Pack

The hard part is done!

These 24 Butterfly Stencils are:

  • Pre-Cut
  • Pre-Weeded
  • Perforated (easy to tear away)
  • Transfer Paper Applied
  • Made with premium vinyl

BUTTERFLY STENCIL PACK: This stencil pack is the perfect companion for any butterfly lover! Make fun springtime coasters, wall art, and more with these 24 stencils. With our Scorch Marker and its accessories, you can create your own wood burned pieces. Just apply the stencil and color over it with your Scorch Marker.

EASY TO USE: Our stencils are perfect for beginners. They’re pre-weeded and printed on perforated vinyl that easily tears away. Once you’ve selected your design, remove the white backing and position the stencil on your project. Be sure to remove the clear topper. Then, you’re ready to use your Scorch Marker!

QUALITY VINYL: Our top-notch vinyl is durable but easy to remove. Choose your design and pull it away, no scissors needed. These 24 fun stencil designs don’t require any prep. With our stencils, you can achieve great woodburning designs without the struggle. Just peel, stick, and go!

PERFECT SIZING: Each of these stencils are perfectly sized for common crafts. Most fit on a55cm x 55cm canvas. We recommend using them with our sourwood slices! Sourwood is naturally smooth. Paired with our heavy quality control standards, our wood pieces are the perfect match for these stencils. 

INFINITY PROMISE: We believe in our products, so we offer an Infinity Promise. This policy allows you to ask for a refund at any time for any reason. Simply reach out to us, and we will make it happen. No matter what. No matter where. No matter when. We will take care of you!

SHOW OFF YOUR WORK: We love to see your creations!Every week, we feature a customer in our emails and on social media. Just submit a picture or video of your project to be considered.