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Scorch Marker Pro - 3 Pack

It’s now easier than ever to make your own wood burned crafts. These DIY craft markers are filled with a non-toxic solution that reacts with heat! Simply draw, apply heat, and watch your design burn right into the wood! If you can draw it you can burn it.

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“It was so easy! I look forward to making more projects with the scorch pens. I really like the two different tips.”




If you have been searching for a safe & easy new tool, this marker is perfect for you.



Draw freehand or with stencils.



Apply heat. More than 350F.



Post a picture of your project and tag us.

Our Story

"I just wanted to wood burn with stencils!"

Scorch Marker was invented by Evan and his wife Sarah. Evan was full-time firefighter and an avid woodworker. He developed the Scorch Marker in his very own woodshop while working on a plaque for the fire service. Since then he and his wife have grown the business while shaking up the craft industry in the process. Evan hung up his helmet in 2020 to run Scorch Marker full-time as the Founder and CEO.

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The non-toxic chemicals in this marker are heat activated.

To start, simply prep the surface with sandpaper, shake your marker, draw your design either with a stencil or free hand, heat with a heat gun or other heat source, and apply a wood finish to seal and protect your design. It might sound too good to be true, but it really is that simple.


That’s our goal — for your friends, family, and customers to be wowed by your Scorch Marker creations.

Not until the Scorch Marker has wood burning been so simple and accessible.

With the Scorch Marker Pro, you’re able to breathe new life into your crafting by easily wood burning anything from decorative pieces to utility pieces like coasters, cutting boards, wooden spoons and ladles, and so much more.

Since releasing our first marker, many of our customers have even gone on to start their own businesses selling their art!

Here’s what our customers are creating 👇


Don't just take our word for it!

  • "I am new to this and just starting out. I tried the normal wood burning process, but failed. I love being able to make beautiful wood burnt items that I can be proud of."

    - Moreen E.

  • "I LOVE using my Scorch Markers! They have been so wonderful that I have decided to use them to make items for my business!"

    - Regina D.

  • "Absolutely love this! I have trouble with my hands and pushing down on my wood burner isn’t easy. This works great and I can still do projects."

    - Jody T.

  • "As an artist with chronic pain, the Scorch Marker has helped my business, allowing me to create products more efficiently."

    - Jennifer Wright

  • "Scorch is so easy to use! I love the way my sign turned out! I would highly recommend it to all types of crafters!"

    - Angila Lawson

  • "I have fallen in love with this product so much! It’s easy to use and the end result looks amazing."

    - Kari D.

  • "I have tried a couple of different wood-burning pens on Amazon, only to being disappointed by them. As soon as I started using the Scorch marker, I will say there is nothing out there that compares to this. I've even bought a wood burning tool and had more problems trying to use it. So just to say as long as they keep making the Scorch marker, I'll keep ordering it."

    - Debra F.

  • "The Scorch Marker is fun, easy to use, and just an overall wonderful product!! I recommend this to anyone, no matter what your artistic background is!"

    - Lindsey Slakter

  • "I love using my Scorch Markers! They take the guess work out of how I'm going to personalize my custom made Charcuterie boards! They create a nice, sharp - lined image and are always my go to for that special final touch! My customers love my products!"

    - Thomas Perlongo

  • "This is the most versatile tool in my craft toolbox. I follow the instructions every time and have amazing results! This is so easy to use and the lines are crisp and clean. I am so happy with my purchase. I may never use a traditional wood burner again!"

    - Deanna P.


Small businesses are what make America so special. We didn’t want to create a business that just gathered materials, put them together, then distributed them. Instead, we really believe in the creation of jobs. So our wood suppliers are in America. Our manufacturers are in America. And our customer service team is in America.


In today’s world, there’s so much pressure to buy as quickly as possible. That’s not us.

Take your time, do your research, check out our reviews and customer creations.

If at the end of all of that you feel we can bring something new to your crafting, then we’ll still be here waiting for you.

Remember, we have an Infinity Guarantee.