how does scorch marker work?

You know how wood burning is hard and kind of intimidating? 

Well, we solved that problem. Now you can wood burn custom designs in minutes using just a marker. All you have to do is draw your design, heat it up, and watch it burn. It's now safer, simpler and easier than ever to be a pyrographer. Crafters and makers are loving it!

more is less

A little goes a long way. It may not seem like much, but only the smallest amount of liquid is needed.

time is not a factor

Go as slow as you like. It doesn’t matter if it’s dry or wet when it’s heated.

Wood choice

Woods like basswood, poplar, pine, birch, aspen, sourwood and walnut work best. Try to pick wood that is light in weight and color.

You can shade

Scorch Marker's patented formula also allows for shading. Apply heat gradually, or in stages to get a beautiful gradient.

scorch marker in action

frequently asked questions

Can I use the marker on cutting boards or wooden cooking utensils?

Yes. It is safe. The marker will not leave a harmful residue. 

What heat gun is best? 

We recommend using a heat gun rated at 1000 watts or more. Some embossing heat guns will get hot enough to trigger the reaction but it will take more time. You can also use open flame, torches or heat sources that exceed 300 F° or 150 C° 

What types of finishes can I use on my project? And what type of finish do you use in the videos? 

Any finish you like. After burning, your design is permanent and not affected by wood finishes. Be careful with wipe on finishes and burnt wood smears. We use Odie’s Oil, as it’s a natural, oil/wax combo. 

I made a mistake, can I erase it? 

Scorch Markers burn deep enough to be permanent but shallow enough to be sanded away. 

What types of wood work best? 

The better question is what grain type works best. We prefer to use the marker on endgrain, like wood slices or cookies, but if you can’t do that then go for anything. The burn will always show up better on lighter colored woods. Cheap, rough craft wood is the worst choice. We suggest using woods like basswood, sourwood, pine, aspen poplar, oak, or even walnut. You might have trouble with dark woods like purple heart, ebony, and wenge. However, it will work great on all woods sold at craft and hobby stores. Don’t forget about paper and cardboard! 

Is it safe for my kids to use? 

Absolutely, just be sure to provide adult supervision and let an adult do the heating. 

I didn’t have time to heat my project and the liquid dried! Will it still work? 

It’s ok! You can apply your design and come back weeks later to finish the heating process. It will still work. 

How long will this marker last? 

A very long time. You only need a small amount of liquid to trigger the reaction. Furthermore, we include more liquid in our Scorch Markers than most markers on the market. 

My marker was left uncapped and the tip is dried out, what can I do? 

Not a problem. Remove the nib, rinse it with warm water, replace it and you’re good to go. 

Are there videos or examples of how to use it? 

Yes. You can find it all on our website, or any of our social media channels.  

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