A fun, safe wood burning craft for kids.

Draw your design, expose to heat, watch it come to life!

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Marcela C.

Game changer for wood burning. I was so excited when this came in the mail that I tested it on the first piece of wood I found. This product is so good and easy to use, not to mention safe and quick. I’m excited to use this for all my crafts, and will be buying again!

Virginia S.

Totally love the scorch marker pro! ❤️ Super easy to use and very precise. Totally recommended 👌

Joe B.

10/10 would recommend. Great product, well built, works great, and safe for kids. Look forward to future products and will definitely buy more for gifts.

Watch Scorchmarker work LIKE MAGIC in seconds.

Scorch Marker Pro

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Scorchmarker safe? 

We use a safe, non-toxic formula that is safe and approved for adults and children of all ages. 

Is it permanent?

The burn is deep enough to be permanent but shallow enough to be sanded away--so you can always redo your design.

How long does one marker last?

It depends on how much you use it--but usually one marker is enough to last a few dozen projects.

What materials does it work on? 

Wood, cardboard, paper, denim, canvas and even some metals! There's almost no limit to the versatility to Scorchmarker wood burning pen.