Everything You Need to Know About Crafting with the Scorch Marker

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Ever heard of the Scorch Marker? It's stirring up quite the buzz on social media, intriguing crafters and DIY enthusiasts alike. If you've ever been daunted by traditional wood burning, here’s a game changer that simplifies the entire process into something as easy as coloring with a marker.

If you’ve ever had the desire to wood burn, but found it to be too difficult and technical, then you've got to try the Scorch Marker Pro


Scorch Marker: A Gateway to New Crafting Possibilities

No more broad, uncontrollable burns—just detailed artistry right at your fingertips. This innovation opens doors to endless creativity, especially for beginners who might find traditional pyrography tools intimidating and cumbersome.

With Scorch Marker, you have the option to draw, paint, or stencil-in designs on wood, and then watch them burn into the surface like magic. 

It’s totally non-toxic too, which allows you to customize wooden utensils, cutting boards, and spoons, and is 100% safe to use with children.

Scorch Marker is fully manufactured in the USA as well, which is something that we’re pretty proud to say. 

Scorch Marker Makes Wood Burning with Vinyl Stencils Possible

Probably one of the coolest aspects of the Scorch Marker is the fact that it can be combined with stencils of all different kinds.

Vinyl, silkscreen, and mylar are just a few options to choose from.

And, because heat isn’t added until after the drawing process is over, you don’t have to worry about damaging or melting your stencils. 

How the Scorch Marker Works

Drawing with the Scorch Marker isn’t difficult at all.

In fact, if you’ve ever used a paint pen or something similar, you will already have a general idea of how this wood-burning tool works.

The three main steps required for every Scorch Marker project are to:

  • Prime Your Marker: Start by shaking the marker to mix the chemical solution, using the stainless steel agitator inside to ensure an even flow. Prime the tip by pressing it down until the liquid saturates the nib.
  • Apply to Wood: Draw your design with the amount of fluid that feels right—remember, less is more! The Scorch Marker's precision tip is ideal for detailed work, while the integrated foam brush is great for broader strokes
  • Heat It Up: Once your artwork is ready, apply heat. A heat gun is recommended for its control and effectiveness, but a butane torch can also be used for larger pieces. Watch as your drawing darkens and comes to life!


Hair dryers, crafting guns, and other small heat sources do not get hot enough, and they will not work.

The more heat you apply, the darker your design will get. 

Whatever heat source you choose, apply it to your creation in a sweeping motion.

Don’t hold the heat for too long in one place, and watch the magic happen before your eyes!

Maximizing Your Scorch Marker Experience

Here are some insider tips to get the most out of your Scorch Marker:

  • Less Fluid, More Finesse: Overloading your design with fluid can lead to bleeding edges. Aim for minimal liquid application for sharper lines.

  • Surface Prep Is Key: Always sand your wood surface before starting. This creates a smooth canvas, helping to prevent unwanted smudging or bleeding.

  • Preheat Your Tools: Heating your heat gun beforehand can reduce the overall time your wood is exposed to high temperatures, minimizing potential mishaps.

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8 Responses



February 22, 2024

Can you use scotch marker with stencil on a polyester hat and use heat gun to produce design safely



October 25, 2022

I want to stain the wood should it be done before scorching or after



July 12, 2022

Did anyone have their questions answered? Thanks



June 23, 2022

I will be moving across the country this summer through the dessert. Should we be concerned about the Scorch pens spontaneously combusting during transit?

Thank you



March 31, 2022

Will these work on unglazed tiles????
The tiles are raw material and have not been glazed yet.



January 27, 2022

When I am done, should I take the tip off? Clean the tip? Leave it as is with tip on still wet from last burn? Thank you

Colleen Johnson

Colleen Johnson

November 11, 2021

I can’t get my design to burn. It just turns white.



April 05, 2021

When used correctly and conservatively, how much use can one get from a single pen? I’m aware that ‘painting in’ will shorten longevity. Thanks.

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