Do It Yourself Patriotic Crafts

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Are you in the mood for a little red, white, and blue? If so, then you're in luck! We're going to show you some of the best DIY patriotic crafts that are sure to get your creative juices flowing. From festive Fourth of July decorations to Memorial Day mementos, here are some ideas that will help you infuse patriotism into any occasion. Whether you want to create something special to celebrate a holiday or just add a little extra flair into your home décor, these projects are perfect for craft lovers looking for a fun and unique way show their love of America.

What is Scorch Marker and How Does it Work?

The original problem with wood burning was the safety aspect of holding a actual wood burning item while trying to steady your hand and create the exact design you want.

So we invented a non-toxic formula that burns wood when heat is applied!

Scorch Marker is a wood-burning craft marker that does just that! It's a marker that contains our unique heat-activated liquid!

Make Sure to Gather Supplies and Prepare the Surface

With its unique formula, these markers allow you to create intricate designs on wood, leather, and other surfaces with ease. But before you start creating your patriotic crafts, it's essential to prepare the surface properly. Make sure to sand down any rough spots and wipe the surface clean with a damp cloth. This will ensure that your designs come out clean and crisp.

We created the Scorch Marker Sanding Kit that includes five different grits and a ergonomic handle that makes it easier to sand your wood pieces! 

See how to Properly Sand Your Wood Piece before crafting HERE

Design Ideas for Patriotic Wood Crafts

Now that you have your wood piece or other surface you're using ready to go, what should you make?

Whether you're starting with a smaller wood piece or larger working area, you can create a truly unique and custom patriotic craft!

This is a larger piece our very own Scorch Marker Super Fan created! Leah H did an amazing job on this larger design!

Another Scorch Marker Super Fan, Travis P. made this amazing flag and eagle combo patriotic wood piece! He used a piece of pine that he sanded well and applied his own vinyl stencil that he created. Using his Scorch Marker and heat source he made this amazing piece.

Don't forge that you can even add color after completing your Scorch Marker designs! You can get the best tips for painting after wood burning too! Depending on your wood type it may take multiple coats to complete your design.

Finishing Touches with Sealants and Decorative Accents

If you're looking for ways to keep your wood-burned creations looking their best for longer, our wood finishing oil is the best place to start. Not only is our wood finish a great option for food-safe decorating, but it also adds another layer of protection from water damage and wear on your precious creations!

See the difference the Scorch Marker Wood Oil makes on a wood cutting board.

With the few simple but effective tips will make it easier to create a meaningful everyday craft that you can be proud of. DIY patriotic crafts are enjoyable to put together, look good on display, and are a great way to bring people together. Now it's time for you to pick out some supplies and start crafting! 

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