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3 Easy DIY Wedding Signs

Wedding decorations are half the battle when it comes to planning your big day. Unfortunately, premade wedding decorations can be expensive. That being said, the more decor you make yourself, the less money you have to spend on a decoration that you only use once.

To achieve the look of a rustic wedding, there is a great deal of wooden signage involved. Here are a few ideas for wedding signs you can make yourself.
All you need is:

  • Scorch Marker
  • Wood rounds (keep in mind, you can find scrap wood at your nearby woodshed, on Amazon, or available for purchase at a local craft store)
  • Heat source (I typically chose to use a heat gun around 1500W)
  • Sandpaper (to smooth out your surface)
  • Shellac (or other wood finish of your choice)

1. Mr. & Mrs. Decoration

This simple decoration can be featured on the gifts table, used as a centerpiece, or can be displayed at the bride and groom’s table. This sign was made on an 11 inch wood round with Scorch Marker, a wood burning marker. It only took 5 minutes to color in the stencil and another 30 seconds to burn with a heat gun! Easiest wedding sign in existence.

Wooden Sign saying "Mr. & Mrs."

2. Custom Anniversary Sign

Who doesn’t love a personalized wedding sign? Not only is this a great wedding sign to put up as decoration the day of your wedding, but it is also a great piece of home decor to hang up in your home and remember your wedding day. This is a basswood rectangle plaque that can be found in the craft section of Michael’s. By drawing the design free hand with Scorch Marker, and burning where the marker was drawn, this beauty was the result!

Wooden Sign - Hart Est. 1989

3. Table Number Sign

This is an idea I found on Pinterest that I am dying to try the next time a close friend of mine gets married. Table numbers on small wood rounds. This is perfect because you maintain that rustic feel at each table. Plus, they’d be so easy to make! Just draw the design on the wood round and burn it with a torch or heat gun.

Pinterest Photo

Take it from somebody that got married 6 months ago—save your money and make your wedding signs! It’ll keep you busy until the big day comes and will make you feel like you’re crossing something off the wedding planning checklist. Plus, during quarantine, it’s a great way to keep you sane.

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