Best Wood Burning Tool for Beginners

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We've all seen the wood burned signs on Pinterest like this one:

Not only are they very aesthetically pleasing, but they're also easy to make! That one above? Took 5 minutes.

Yes. I said 5 minutes.

Wood burning can be done with a variety of different tools. If you want to get into pyrography, but don't have the tools to get into it, look no further! Rather than investing in a wood burning tool without any previous experience with wood burning, try out this wood burning marker, Scorch Marker.

What is Scorch Marker?

Scorch Marker is the world’s first wood burning craft marker.  Its formula allows anyone to easily and safely burn wood and wood products. The marker is applied to the surface and when it's heated, a chemical chain reaction occurs, causing the material to burn only where the liquid was applied. 

How does it work?

You draw with the marker, heat your design, and watch it burn. It's that easy.

What kind of wood works best?

The marker was created to be compatible with many different surfaces including wood, paper and cardboard. However, here are some of our most recommended surfaces:

We recommend using unfinished wood that has been sanded down to 220 grit.

How do you heat it?

We recommend using a heat gun rated at 1000 watts or more. Some embossing heat guns will get hot enough to trigger the reaction but it will take more time. You can also use open flame, torches or heat sources that exceed 300 F° or 150 C° 

Ready to scorch?

It really is easy. Not to mention very fun. To purchase your own Scorch Marker, click here



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May 24, 2023

Is there a video showing it used on denim?



November 09, 2020

Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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