Christmas in July Wood Crafts

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Let's chat about a fun and rather unusual tradition – Christmas in July. We all know the wonders of Christmas: the twinkling lights, the cozy fires, the excitement of unwrapping presents, and the joy of spending time with loved ones. But who says we need to wait until December to feel that unique holiday magic? Imagine taking a bit of that wintry spirit and infusing it into our sweltering summer days through the medium of wood crafts. It might seem a bit out-of-the-box, but that's what makes it exciting!

What is Christmas in July?

Christmas in July is a quirky way of celebrating the most wonderful time of the year during, well, the second most wonderful time of the year. The idea initially popped up in the southern hemisphere, where folks celebrate Christmas during the summer. They figured, why not have a cooler, winter-esque Christmas in July? The concept caught on like wildfire, making it an international trend. It's a fantastic opportunity for all of us to double dip into the merriment of Christmas.

Christmas in July & Wood Crafts?

Now let's bring wood into the mix. Wood crafts have a timeless appeal. They're warm, textured, and beautifully rustic, which just screams Christmas charm. Plus, crafting with wood opens up a world of creative possibilities, whether you're a woodworking whiz or a beginner just dipping your toes in.

Christmas in July Wood Craft Supplies:

If you need some easy ideas on what to get to help you make Christmas in July crafts, we've got you! Most of the projects you'll see below all used our own Scorch Marker items!

Homemade Wooden Ornaments

Kicking off our crafty journey, let's talk about the heart of Christmas decor - ornaments. Can you imagine your July Christmas tree adorned with homemade wooden ornaments shaped like stars, reindeer, or even Santa himself? With a dash of paint and a sprinkle of glitter, these little pieces of wooden joy can take your festive decor to a whole new level.

(Project by Scorch Marker Super Fan Christine H.)

Wooden Signs: Messages of Joy

Moving on, we have wooden signs. They are like the messenger birds of the Christmas spirit. You can engrave or paint them with holiday messages, famous quotes, or even a cheerful 'Christmas in July.' Add a few embellishments, and voila! You've got a statement piece that radiates the holiday vibe like nothing else. You can hang them up or let them be the star of your mantelpiece.

A Mini Christmas Village: Wood Edition

If you're looking for something a little more ambitious, how about crafting a miniature wooden Christmas village? With tiny houses, shops, and maybe a train (if you're feeling adventurous), you've got a wholesome project that not only brings out your creative side but also serves as a fantastic centerpiece. A sprinkle of LED lights can give your village a cozy, nighttime glow that's bound to mesmerize.

(Project by Scorch Marker Super Fan Dawn S.)

Crafted Gifts: Personalized and Precious

And let's not forget about gifts! 'Christmas in July' is the perfect excuse to start crafting some personalized presents for the people you love. Picture a wooden photo frame holding a precious memory or an engraved cutting board for that friend who loves to cook. Creating these gifts during the summer gives you plenty of time to perfect them, minus the December holiday rush.

Christmas in July wood crafts are not just about the end product. They're about the joy of creating something with your hands, the serenity of the crafting process, and the shared cheer of the holiday spirit - even if it's in the middle of summer. So, as July rolls around, grab your tools, summon your creativity, and bring some Yuletide cheer to the sunny days with some heartwarming wooden crafts. Who says we can't have Christmas twice a year?

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