DIY Fabric-Covered Shoes (Canvas Shoes & More)

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Hey there, DIY enthusiasts, looking for a new decoupage project?! If you're on the lookout for a super fun and relaxed craft project, let's talk about the awesomeness of DIY fabric-covered shoes. It's time to give your tired old canvas shoes (and maybe even other footwear) a fab makeover that'll turn heads and make you the talk of the town. So grab your favorite fabric, put on some tunes, and let's get this shoe party started!

For this project we're using the brand new Maker's Magic (formerly known as Magic Modge) to apply our fabric to all of these shoe projects!

What is Maker's Magic?

Say goodbye to brush strokes, wrinkling, bubbling, or clumping with Maker's Magic! This remarkable crafting glue offers a crystal clear finish, free from any tackiness or stickiness. You won't have to wait for ages either, as it dries in just 45 minutes, fully curing within 48 hours.

  • Strong & flexible

  • Completely waterproof

  • Non-toxic, food contact safe & solvent-free

  • Can be used indoors & outdoors

  • Tintable & can be thinned with water

  • The only crafter's glue you'll ever need!

Materials for Your Crafty Adventure

First things first, gather your crafting arsenal. Here's what you'll need for this fantastic journey:

  1. Canvas shoes - The good ol' classic white canvas shoes are just perfect for this project. But hey, if you want to work your magic on different shoe types like flats, heels, or funky sneakers, go right ahead! The world is your crafty oyster.

  2. Awesome fabric - Now, let's talk fabric! Pick something that screams "YOU." Do you love bold patterns that make a statement? Or perhaps you're all about those chill solid colors? Go wild, and don't be afraid to mix and match different fabrics for an epic combo.

  3. Scissors - Time to rock those fabric-cutting skills. Snip away, but be careful, friends. Safety first!

  4. Maker's Magic (formerly known as Magic Modge) - This is the glue that'll stick it all together and make your shoe dreams come true. Spread it like confetti!

  5. Paintbrushes - Grab some brushes to smoothly apply. Remember, we're aiming for shoe perfection here!

  6. Funky embellishments (optional) - Let's take your shoe game up a notch with some bling. Buttons, beads, sequins, fabric bows – go nuts and let your creativity run wild!

Step-by-Step Shoe Magic

Alright, crafters, now that we've got our gear, it's time to dive into the DIY wonderland. Follow these simple steps to turn your shoes into walking masterpieces:

  1. Prep the Shoes: Give those shoes a little spa treatment – clean them up and remove any pesky laces. We need a fresh canvas for our creative explosion.

  2. Measure and Cut: Lay your shoes on the chosen fabric and cut out pieces that fit each section of the shoe. Don't forget to add a little extra fabric so it's easier to trim after drying. (You can also use tissue paper as a pattern as well to make it easier)

  3. Glue Galore: It's glue time! Pick up those paintbrushes and spread that Maker's Magic on one section at a time. No need to rush, friends; we're here to enjoy the journey.
    BEFORE YOU APPLY THE FABRIC TO THE SHOE: Apply Maker's Magic to the fabric itself to prevent fraying along the edges of the fabric:

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  4. Stick and Smooth: Gently press the fabric onto the glued surface. Work your way from one end to the other, ensuring there are no sneaky wrinkles or bubbles trying to ruin our masterpiece.

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  5. Tackle the Tricky Bits: Some shoes have those tricky curves and grooves. You can trim your fabric fully after the Maker's Magic has dried and using an xacto knife (Dollar Tree has them!) to get an extra close trim.

  6. Embellish Like a Boss: If you're in the mood for some extra pizzazz, this is the time to shine. Glue on those buttons, beads, and whatever else makes your heart skip a beat.

Tips for a Rockin' Result

  • Armor Up: Once the fabric is all snug and dry, consider giving your shoes a protective layer with an added layer of Maker's Magic on top. Let's keep them looking fabulous for the long haul!

  • Clothes Pins: Use clothes pins to hold your fabric in place while you're adhering it to the shoes.

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  • Personal Touch: If you've got some painting skills up your sleeve, go ahead and add extra details with fabric paint. Show the world what you're made of!

The Final Shoe-Down

And there you have it, shoe-designing dynamos! DIY fabric-covered shoes are your ticket to expressing your personality and style in a relaxed and craft-tastic way. So, next time you're feeling creative and want to add a sprinkle of YOU to your footwear, remember this delightful project. Have fun, be fabulous, and rock those custom kicks with pride! Happy crafting, my shoe-crazed amigos!

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