How to Seal a Puzzle with Maker's Magic

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So you've finished your favorite puzzle and want to treasure it forever, but how? We've got the perfect way to seal your puzzle in under 10 minutes!

Skill level required: BEGINNER! Even if you've never kept a puzzle before, you can use Maker's Magic to glue/seal your puzzle together and even add a background!

Tips for Using Maker's Magic for Puzzles

When trying to glue your puzzles together there are a few helpful tips for using Maker's Magic

  • Use gloves (latex gloves) to prevent Maker's Magic from getting on your hands
  • Apply with a regular paintbrush
  • Apply light heat between layers to quickly dry layers
  • DO NOT shake the bottle before use (this adds bubbles)
  • The more coarse your brush the higher chance of brush strokes

Do You Apply Maker's Magic to Front and Back of Puzzles?

When you use Maker's Magic to seal your puzzle you truly only need to do the front of your puzzle. You may need more than one layer to ensure everything is stuck together but we found we didn't need to seal both sides with Maker's Magic.

The back of the puzzle you see below has minimal Maker's Magic on the back, showing that it truly has soaked into the space between the pieces to ensure adhesion together.


How to Apply Maker's Magic to Your Puzzle

You will want to use a paint brush to apply your Maker's Magic to any puzzle. Why? It helps prevent brush strokes (the more coarse of a brush you use the more brush strokes you will get)

You can apply your Maker's Magic directly on to your puzzle or pour it onto a plate and dip your brush in and carry it over. Either way keep in mind you DO NOT want a thick layer, a little goes a long way.

How to Remove Bubbles on Puzzles

If you do see any bubbles on your puzzles after apply Maker's Magic, there's an easy and quick solution! Just use your hot air tool (a heat gun on low or cool setting). Gently wave your hot air tool over the area with bubbles and watch them disappear!

How Long Do I Let My Puzzle Dry?

Here's where it gets even more cool. Maker's Magic dries super quick! Like within minutes! Maker's Magic does require 24-48hrs to FULLY cure but you can move your puzzle after just a few hours.

How to Use Puzzles as Home Decor

Now that you have your puzzle entirely sealed you can hang it as is without a frame or backboard OR complete the look.

If you plan on putting your puzzle into a frame

  • Measure your puzzle before shopping and add 1"-2" extra for the size of frame
  • Optionally use a piece of posterboard for additional color behind the puzzle





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