PYROGRAPHY 101: What Is It and How Can I Get Started?

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If there’s one positive thing that this pandemic has brought, it is the extra time we’ve been afforded. Prior to the pandemic, each of us may have led our own busy lives, juggling work, personal time, and time with loved ones.


This usually left us with little to no time at all to cultivate our creative endeavors. However, now that we’re advised to stay home, it leaves us with more time on our hands to play catch up on those long-lost artistic pursuits that we have left behind.


If you’re a person who’s into DIY projects, loves crafting, and spends some time browsing Pinterest, Youtube, and other social media outlets to look for something to start on, we got you covered.


Today, we’d like to introduce you to a form of art called Pyrography. If you guessed that this is something that involves the use of fire, then you’re on the right track. But don’t worry about the details, you don’t have to burn anything to get started.


Pyrography, which literally means writing using fire, is the art of wood-burning. It involves the use of a metallic tool to burn a design on the surface of wood. It’s an age-old technique but a refreshing medium to try out for artists and DIY enthusiasts, who are looking for something new to try their hands on.


Getting started with Pyrography is quite easy and certainly achievable. You just need the following:


  • A pyrography pen – you can pick the ones with temperature control or not (those with temperature control are a bit more expensive).
  • A piece of nice, soft wood – such as poplar, birchwood, or basswood
  • Assorted pyrography tips (having 4 or 5 will do) – this allows you to create different lines and patterns. There’s a different tip for shading, making dotted designs, calligraphy, grooves, branding, and there’s a universal one too.
  • A polishing compound such as fine sandpaper
  • A pen holder


Also, if you can print out the image or design you want to put on the wood, that would be handy.


Once you have all the materials, you can start by preparing your canvas, which is the wood that you chose. Preparing your wood allows you to get a smooth and even surface to work on. This makes it more aesthetic and appealing. You can do so by utilizing the fine sandpaper that you have on your list.


After preparing your canvas, you can proceed with the burning process. Hold the pyrography pen the same way you hold a regular pen but keep in mind to keep your fingers above the guard so that you don’t burn your fingers in the process. As you get used to your pen, you’ll discover which grip works best and is most comfortable for you.


There are a lot of design templates available online but as with all art, it might be better if you can come up with a design that’s more personal and unique. After all, it’s an expression of who you are, right?


If you’re looking to get started, you may check out our pyrography pens here.

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