Scorch Marker Craft Ideas that are Perfect for Spring

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Spring is quickly approaching, and more and more people are looking for a new hobby or creative outlet.

The Scorch Marker is the perfect solution! With this crafting tool, you can create custom works of art from wood, paper, cardboard, canvas, and even denim.

And, they last forever and ever. 

In this article, we’re sharing three spring-themed craft ideas to help inspire you to create with your Scorch Marker.

And, when you do, make sure to tag us on social media so we can share your crafts with the world. 

The Scorch Marker Pro Makes Wood Burning Easy and Accessible

Before the Scorch Marker was available, wood-burning was complicated and dangerous.

It took a lot of time and training to really get it right and was especially difficult for people with limited in their hands and fingers.

But, the Scorch Marker changed everything.

This unique, groundbreaking tool takes the difficulty out of pyrography and makes it as simple as using a marker. 

With the Scorch Marker, all you need to do is draw your design, heat it to 350F, and watch the burn before your eyes. 

3 Scorch Marker Craft Ideas to Recreate this Spring

The curly shape of flower petals or crisp mushroom edges are no problem for the Scorch Marker. This amazing tool really is the best option for spring crafting.

Here are three project ideas for you to create as we welcome the season of life. 

1. Flower-Themed Utensils

Did you know?

The Scorch Marker is totally non-toxic!

This means that you can use it to burn items designed to help prepare food items.

One of our favorite food crafts to create with the Scorch Marker is themed wooden utensils.

These flower spoons, for example, are the best way to add some life back into your home. 

2. Decorated Planters

As we mentioned at the beginning, the Scorch Marker isn’t only intended for use on wood.

It may be called a wood-burning marker, but it also works wonderfully for burning designs into paper máché.

And, the best thing about this surface is that there’s no sanding required!

Instead of simply labeling your planters with a marker this year, try burning it.

And, don’t forget to use our free herb & garden stencil pack, which you can find here.

Use the code ilovestencils at checkout. 

3. Herbal Coaster

Another great way to use our free gardens and herbs stencil pack is by creating your own spring-themed coasters!

These cute little coasters are a great homage to Mother Nature, while also bringing the joy of spring into your home.

We decided to go with some square coasters for our herbal stencil set, but you can find a 10-pack of wood slices (which make perfect coasters) on our website

And, for some more inspiration, watch us create this coaster on TikTok

If you’re still looking for a new hobby this spring, consider giving the Scorch Marker a try.

You might be surprised at all the different projects you can create with this wonderful crafting tool.

And, if you purchase one now, you can save 20% by using the code: itslikemagic at checkout. 

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