The Benefits of Using Wood Finishing Oil on Wood-Burned Crafts

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Scorch Marker crafts are incredibly beautiful, but they can be delicate.

They need to be protected from the elements and kept away from water, because the designs can be damaged, scraped, and smeared.

That's why we recommend finishing your wood crafts. 

If you're looking for ways to keep your wood-burned creations looking their best for longer, our wood finishing oil is the best place to start.

Not only is our wood finish a great option for food-safe decorating, but it also adds another layer of protection from water damage and wear on your precious creations!

3 Reasons to Use a Finish On Your Wood-Burned Crafts

After all the hard work that goes into your Scorch Marker crafts, it's important to protect them.

You want your art to last as long as possible, and finishing your crafts with a wood finishing oil is the best way to do that.

Here are three benefits you gain by finishing your wood crafts. 

1. Protect Your Design

As mentioned above, wood burnt crafts are delicate artworks that need to be protected from water, dirt, and UV rays.

They’re also prone to rubbing against each other or other objects in your craft studio.

If you want your Scorch Marker crafts to last longer than a few weeks without fading or chipping away at the edges—and who wouldn’t?—you should coat them with a finish before they go into contact with any of these elements.

The Scorch Marker wood finishing oil will protect your burn from all of these things:

  • Moisture damage (water)

  • Scratching (rubbing)

  • Fading/chipping

2. Add a Glossy Sheen

Wood finishing oil is a great way to add a glossy sheen to your Scorch Marker crafts.

It can be used on wooden objects, gourds, wooden spoons and spatulas, and other types of decorative objects.

The oil will protect the surface from damage caused by moisture or heat, which makes it especially valuable for outdoor use. 

The Scorch Marker Wood Finishing Oil also provides a stained look, that makes finished crafts especially attractive.

This same effect could be seen when using other types of finishes such as polyurethane or varnish on woodwork; however, these products do not offer anywhere near as much protection against corrosion or wear.

3. Make Your Design Water-Resistant

Our Wood finishing oil is the secret sauce that makes your wood-burned crafts water-resistant. 

Because the oil seals the pores of the wood, your craft becomes resistant to moisture and liquids. 

This is most useful for sealing crafts designed for use around moisture, like cutting boards, wooden spoons, and other wooden utensils. 

With all that you’ve learned here, you should know how easy it really is to create beautiful wood-burned pieces that last a lifetime.

The Scorch Marker Wood Finishing Oil is the perfect solution.

Have you tried it yet?

Head to our store to learn more about it. 


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Kim Denby

Kim Denby

February 22, 2024

Just used the finishing oil on charcuterie boards I made with the scorch pen. The wood looks beautiful and finished. Should I also top with maker’s magic?

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