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Easy wood burning projects | step by step DIY pyrography blog

  • How to Make Wood Burning Patterns with Your Cricut

    It can be hard to find wood burning patterns to use, especially online. We're going to show you exactly where to go to find the best patterns and how you can make those patterns a stencil to use with your wood-burning tool. Follow these 5 easy steps to find, make, and use wood-burning patterns.

  • 3 Simple Tips to Improve Your Wood-Burning Technique

    • Solid Point Burner

    The solid point “craft-style” burners are extremely popular amongst beginners to pyrography, especially because they are easier to grip and heat to a pre-adjusted temperature.

    Solid point pens also tend to be more affordable and easiest to transport, as all parts are included in the pen itself.

    Some of these craft-style burning pens even come with a heat shield to protect your hand from getting too hot.

    Solid point pens do require quite a bit of patience though, as they can take quite a while to heat up, cool down, and burn the wood altogether. 

    • Wire-nib Wood Burner

    Because they offer much more control and tend to be a bit pricier, wire-nib wood burning tools are commonly chosen by seasoned pyrographers.

    These tools are much smaller, making it easier to hold them for longer periods of time, and also provide lots of control over the temperature.

    Wire-nib wood-burning pens come with their own learning curve though, and are difficult to transport, so these are not typically recommended for the beginner. 

    • Wood Burning Marker

  • 8 Tips for Successfully Using Your Scorch Marker

    1. Sand Your Surface Before Burning

    Because the Scorch Marker works just like a regular marker with a fiber nib, a smooth surface is imperative.

    This will allow for easier writing and will help prevent the liquid from bleeding into the grain of your wood.

    A smooth, sanded surface is the best way to begin your project. 

    2. Transfer Patterns Before Using Your Scorch Marker

    Using transfer paper for wood or just a pencil, take the time to provide an outline for yourself before working with the Scorch Marker.

    Because heat isn’t applied until after you’re finished drawing, stencils can also be used to create clean lines.

    This reduces the need for sanding away mistakes made with the Scorch Marker. 

    3. Use a Powerful Heat Gun...

  • Everything You Need to Know About Uploading Cricut Stencil Files [2020 guide]

    Navigating the Cricut program Design Space, however, and uploading stencil files for printing, can leave you feeling confused and overwhelmed.

    This article will be discussing the most common file formats for Cricut stencils, the process of uploading them into Design Space, and how you can successfully use those designs with your Scorch Marker for your next wood-burning project.  

  • 7 Family-Friendly Crafts to Make with Your Scorch Marker

    People don’t tend to look at pyrography as a child-friendly hobby, simply because of the hot tools, necessary skillset, and supervision required.

    In fact, many adults struggle with the learning curve, making it a task that parents are just not interested in sharing with their children.

    Scorch Marker, the first-available wood burning marker, is shaking up that long-held belief by making the craft of wood-burning more accessible to children and beginners.

    In this article, we’re discussing the advantages of the Scorch Marker, and 7 family-friendly crafts that you can make with your kids today.

  • 4 Tips for Staying Safe While Wood-burning

    In this article, we’re going to be discussing the four main safety risks associated with woodburning, including the risks to your lungs, skin, and home, and what you can do to keep yourself safe. There are a few important things to consider like: HEAT, HAIR, DUST, SMOKE, FLAME, BURNS, and TOXIC CHEMICALS. be safe!
  • Wood-Burning Basics You Should Know Before Trying Pyrography

    Trying out any new hobby feels a little bit scary, especially when it comes to handling hot tools. You don’t want to mess things up, and you definitely don’t want to get hurt, which is why you must do your research beforehand.

    One of the most important wood-burning basics is to start by gathering all of your supplies and becoming familiar with your tools.

    When we understand how something works, we can accomplish so much more with it. 

  • 11 Wood Burning Ideas for the Holiday Season 2020

    With the holiday season rapidly approaching, it’s never too early to get those artistic juices flowing and start preparing to celebrate your loved ones.

    DIY gifts are where it’s at, as these handcrafted, one-of-a-kind pieces of art can be treasured and enjoyed for years to come. And, there is nothing more special than receiving a beautiful gift created from the hands of someone you love. 

    This article will be examining 11 wood burning ideas to create this holiday for gifts that will last a lifetime.

  • Top Wood Burning Tips for the Whole Family

    Many have never considered starting a wood burning creation together, simply because the idea feels intimidating.

    However, lots of today’s wood burning tools are easier than ever to use and friendly for even the youngest creatives.

    Today, we’re going to be discussing some of the top wood burning tips for the whole family, staying safe while wood-burning, and ways to perfect your technique and get the look you desire.

  • How to Choose the Best Wood for Wood Burning

    One of the biggest challenges facing the pyrography beginner is the learning curve behind the hobby.

    Not only are you required to understand a completely new piece of equipment to create the art that you’re imagining, but most people have never worked on wood before and know nothing about it.

  • Your Guide to Wood Burning for Beginners!

    Your beginner's guide to wood-burning. Everything you need to know about wood burning is here!
  • Tips for taking up pyrography as your new hobby

    Around the globe, we have had to adapt to a new way of living due to the global pandemic, which has forced most of us to spend more time at home. W...

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