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Top Wood Burning Tips for the Whole Family

As the weather cools, and people are spending more and more time indoors, families start looking for crafts to occupy themselves.

Many have never considered starting a wood burning creation together, simply because the idea feels intimidating.

However, lots of today’s wood burning tools are easier than ever to use and friendly for even the youngest creatives.

Today, we’re going to be discussing some of the top wood burning tips for the whole family, staying safe while wood-burning, and ways to perfect your technique and get the look you desire.

A pyrography project doesn’t have to be scary or worrisome, and we’re here to show you how!

Wood Burning Tips on Safety

One of the biggest concerns associated with wood burning, especially when it comes to beginners or younger members of the family, is the possibility of being burned yourself.

With traditional pyrography projects, people have to remain aware of hot pens, smoke inhalation, and even toxic fumes from certain types of wood.

The original Scorch Marker pen offers an innovative, non-toxic option to help ease these concerns. This new solution allows kids to design their wood however they please, with nothing but a marker, and without concern of being burned.

A heat gun can then be used to bring their wood-burnt creation to life. 

Remember these important reminders when it comes to staying safe with a heat gun:

  • Avoid use around flammable materials or loose clothing
  • Never touch the metal nozzle
  • Never insert anything into the heat gun
  • Always cool the tool before storing it

    Should You Take a Wood-Burning Class?

    Kids, and those new to pyrography, might feel a bit overwhelmed when looking at the beautiful pieces created by seasoned artists.

    However, like any form of art, it’s mostly about practicing and growing familiar with the activity. One huge benefit behind the Scorch Marker is the fact that it really levels the learning curve associated with pyrography, completely eliminating the need for a wood-burning class altogether.

    One of the best wood burning tips out there is to just continue practicing with different strokes and cuts of wood to hone in on groove and find the process that you truly enjoy. The more time that you spend with your hands on the wood, the better at it you’ll get.

    Also, because the Scorch Marker uses heat after drawing your design, stencils can be used to add extra elements of excitement to your inventions. Stencils, like these, are a great way to encourage kids to get involved in all the wood burning fun!

    Perfecting Your Technique

    As mentioned above, practice is going to offer the best opportunities for growth and improvement when it comes to your wood burning technique.

    However, the Scorch Marker Pro makes things just that much easier. Equipped with a bullet tip and foam brush, this wood burning marker is perfect for creating any design that you can think of!

    The bullet tip marker can be used for shading and blending, while also creating smooth and even lines. The foam brush offers more flexible coloring options, especially when it comes to filling in areas empty space.

    And, you can heat your design in stages, swapping between marker and heat gun to create a beautiful gradient look that can’t be seen in traditional wood burning projects. 

    But we know that accidents do happen, and we’re here for that too. Scorch Marker creations are deep enough to be permanent, but shallow enough to be sanded away in the event of a mistake. Knowing this removes the pressure to be perfect, allowing your family to relax as you enjoy this fun together. 

    Erasing Worry with the Scorch Marker

    Family craft nights should be exciting and filled with new growth. But you should definitely never have to take a whole wood-burning class for some family entertainment.

    Pyrography is a hobby growing in popularity, and it should be one that is available to everyone. The Scorch Marker eliminates the need for safety gear, complex techniques, and worry, and replaces it with fun. Now, the entire family can get in on the fun without adding to the stress.


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