3 Pokémon-Themed Crafts that Pair Perfectly with Scorch Marker

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Stencil from Etsy

It’s Easy to Recreate Your Favorite Pokémon with the Scorch Marker

For many of us, Pokémon has been a standing icon to our childhoods.

This makes its new resurgence even more exciting. 

In recent years, new releases of Pokémon video games, Pokémon cards, and even Pokémon mobile games like Pokemon Go! have shown us that this game is still for everyone.

And the great thing is, so is the Scorch Marker!

Now, you can combine crafting with your love of Pokémon in a safe and simple way. 

In this article, we're showing you three awesome ways to express your love for Pokémon with the Scorch Marker. 

Stencil from Etsy

3 Fun Craft Ideas to Impress Those You Love

Your Scorch Marker crafts don't only have to be used for yourself.

They can also be a wonderful way to show off new skills and show your appreciation to others. 

Here are three fun Pokémon craft ideas to try with the Scorch Marker.

1. An Envelope with the Pokémon Logo

Not only is this envelope totally rocking the iconic Pokémon logo but, now it's perfect for use as a gift for any occasion.

Thanks to the easy design and material, the Pokémon logo can easily be customized and embellished upon.

And yes, the Scorch Marker works on paper!

It's as easy as applying the stencil, drawing your design with the Scorch Marker, and heating it with your heat gun.

Then, you can enjoy those dark, permanent burns forever.

Take your invitations to the next level by using the Scorch Marker to help them stand out. 

Stencil from: Etsy

2. Gear to Represent Your Pokémon Go Team

One extremely hot game on the mobile market is Pokémon Go.

This AR (Augmented Reality) game allows you to catch Pokémon in the world and battle others in gyms, encouraging you to visit local establishments or points of interest.

Within this virtual game, there are three factions. You choose to join, participate in, and battle for these factions.

If you're looking for a way to show pride for your team, the Scorch Marker has the answer for you!

Our unique wood-burning markers can help you customize any piece of wood, cardboard, paper, or even canvas.

Like our Team Valor coaster above, any Pokémon Go piece is sure to be a conversation starter.

Stencil from: Etsy

3. A Wall Sign for Your Favorite Pokémon

We all love to decorate our space with art and other enjoyable pieces that remind us of find memories and experiences. 

An excellent craft to incorporate the true nature of Pokémon in a natural and rustic way is to wood burn it!

The great thing about crafting with the Scorch Marker is that it remains safe, non-toxic, and reliable for any project in your head.

Combine stencils and a seal or stain to produce reliable and professional-looking projects.

As you can see, the possibilities truly are endless with this innovative and extraordinary marker.

That’s why we’re always sharing new craft ideas with you on social media. Make sure to have a look at our TikTok and YouTube pages for all the latest content.

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