3 Herb Garden Crafts + Free Stencil Downloads

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The Scorch Marker has amazing results no matter how it is used but when paired with stencils the results can be astounding!

Not only do stencils help with keeping your design centered and in place, but they're also great for preventing bleeding. 

Stencils are truly amazing for creating professional-looking crafts every single time.

In this article, we're showing you ways to get the best results by using stencils, and giving you three craft ideas you don't want to miss!

Stencils Take Scorch Marker Crafts to a Whole New Level

When it comes to certain crafts there are tools that enhance the outcome.

Stencils are one secret weapon we love to use with the Scorch Marker!

Take our garden stencil pack for reference. It includes 18 unique stencils and provides only a taste of all that's possible.

And that's only our latest stencil pack! We know that finding stencils can be such a challenge and a headache if you aren't sure where to begin.

That's why we're continuously releasing new packs for your enjoyment. 

And, stencils work with the Scorch Marker on so many different surfaces like cardboard, denim, and leather. 

Best of all, any Scorch Marker stencils can be downloaded free at checkout with the code ilovestencils.

So here are three crafting ideas anyone can use and enjoy, let’s check them out now.

1. A Stenciled Paper Mâché Planter

Regular gardeners or even curious green thumb growers can enjoy paper mâché planters.

They are a sustainable and smart way to go when planting, especially with intention of replanting.

Not only does the paper mâché planter give your newest addition the support it needs to grow strong, but it is also completely customizable in a variety of ways!

And, with the Scorch Marker and a stencil, you are able to drop a design in no time!

This helps remind you of what you have grown, and also provides a sleek look for any guest.

Imagine if all your friends were able to lay eyes on such stylish crafts when they visit your garden or party.

2. An Herb-Themed Coaster

There's something special about a rustic look.

This is especially true when you are talking herbs; it really doesn’t get more rustic than Mother Nature.

Herbs are an icon in the kitchen, and represent good health and many other positive benefits.

It's only natural to want to use and represent them throughout our crafts, too.

The Scorch Marker and our garden stencils make it easy and convenient to create a lasting reminder of life’s important gifts.

Use them to craft garden-themed coasters, ornaments, and other decorative pieces.

These make great gifts and also convenient usable everyday items.

3. A Fancy Garden Marker

Every gardener will enjoy a strong, long-lasting reminder of all they have planned for that season.

What better way than a genuine wood burned wood round that brings even more purpose back to the planet?

It's an affordable, yet effective and stylish, approach for every step of the growing cycle.

See the entire process of creating these garden markers with our friend Amy Latta on YouTube

Be sure to check out our Instagram and TikTok for even more crafting ideas that pair with the Scorch Marker. And don't forget to use the code 'ilovestencils' on your next order to get stencil packs for free and get the most out of your Scorch Marker and future crafts.

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