5 DIY Christmas Ornaments that You Can Burn

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Christmas is quickly approaching and if you’re like most people, you’re probably looking for all the ways to decorate your home.

But, have you tried making some of your own Christmas decor?

With the Scorch Marker, you can design ornaments, hanging signs, and even cutting boards - all with a Christmas twist!

And the greatest thing is, it really is as simple as just drawing the design, heating it, and watching it come to life. 

The Holidays are the Best Time to Try the Scorch Marker

The Scorch Marker is unique because it transforms wood-burning into a hobby that’s beginner-friendly and can be combined with vinyl stencils.

This means that you can easily design professional-looking crafts, without needing to know how to draw them yourself.

In this article, we’re giving you five awesome ideas for DIY Christmas ornaments that you can create with the Scorch Marker. 

1. Merry & Blessed Ornament

‘Tis the season of happiness and gratitude.

Remind yourself of that fact this Christmas season with a DIY ornament.

Drop the stress, grab a smile, and remember that there is so much to be thankful for. 

And, you can watch us burn this specific ornament on TikTok.

2. Holly Jolly Ornament

Word art is just the coolest!

I love the way different fonts can capture the feeling behind words.

Unfortunately, I’m not able to hand-letter awesome sayings like this.

It doesn’t matter with the Scorch Marker, though.

Using vinyl stencils makes the process easy, fun, and mess-free.

See the entire process of making this ornament on Instagram.

3. Snowflake Ornament

Are you lucky enough to enjoy a white Christmas?

Celebrate the changing seasons and the beauty of snow with this adorable snowflake ornament.

Remember to always sand your wood rounds to at least 500-grit before crafting on them to help you achieve the cleanest lines possible.

4. Elk Appreciation Ornament

There is something so special about these majestic creatures.

Did you know that their antlers can grow up to one inch per day?!

Honor the elk by giving them a place on your Christmas tree this year with this rustic wood burnt ornament.

You can watch every step of the burning process for this ornament on TikTok.

5. Believe Ornament

Do you believe in the magic of Christmas?

This beautiful wood burnt ornament is sure to start all the conversations this holiday season.

That’s because everyone is looking for a little magic somewhere these days.

Show off your art, and pyrography, skills to your family members by DIY-ing all your ornaments this year!

Download Christmas Stencils for Free on Our Website

The crafting possibilities are literally endless when it comes to the Scorch Marker.

Whatever vinyl stencil you can think of can be combined with this wood-burning tool to produce a project that’s fun, exciting, and exactly what you want it to be.

Take a look at our website to see the Christmas stencils and countless others that we offer for free with the code ‘ilovestencils’ 

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November 22, 2021

I bought the 3 pack and I’m very unhappy with the marker. It bleeds terribly and I’m unable to get any precise lines. I would like to return the 2 unopened markers. How do I go about doing so to get my money back?

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