6 Wood Burned Coaster Ideas for Cheap and Easy Gifts

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The holidays are quickly approaching, and many people are finishing up their gift lists.

But, have you considered turning to a DIY this year?

The Scorch Marker makes it simple to customize wood and keep it special and unique.

And, with our new wood slice 10-pack, you can easily create an entire wood-burned set for someone you love. 

Wood Burned Coasters Pair Perfectly with the Scorch Marker

The Scorch Marker is the world’s first tool that makes it possible to combine vinyl stencils with the art of wood burning.

It truly is revolutionary.

This means that you can use stencils, cut with your Cricut or other machine, to produce wood-burned pieces that are consistent and predictable.

In this article, we’re sharing six coaster set ideas to help you create a personalized holiday gift that your loved one will remember forever. 

1. Mushroom Lover Coaster Set

Mycology and mushroom hunting grow more and more popular by the year.

Celebrate the fabulous fungi in our lives, and surprise a mushroom lover in your life with this extraordinary set of six special stencils.

They were created by a young new artist, and are guaranteed to leave you feeling funky. 

Download the entire set of stencils for free with the code: ilovestencils

2. The Gardner’s Coaster Pack

Even though it’s cold outside, someone is guaranteed to be thinking about their garden.

Show the herb-lover in your life that you see them and appreciate them with this 17-stencil garden pack created by our friend Amy Latta

These stencils can also be downloaded free with the code: ilovestencils

3. Forever Halloween Coaster Set

Know somebody who just can’t get enough of Halloween?

Add to their home decor and enthusiasm for October with this spooky set of 13 stencils.

They’re perfectly customizable and wonderful for any rustic look. 

All of them are free when you use the code: ilovestencils at checkout.

4. Merry Christmas Coaster Set

There’s no pack that’s better for the holidays than our Christmas stencil set.

These 10 stencils are cute, cozy, and wonderful to add to any holiday coaster set.

They will be used to create memories that will last a lifetime. 

Download the entire pack for free by using the code: ilovestencils

5. Cat Lover’s Coaster Set

Know a cat lover?

We found the most adorable stencil set on Etsy over the summer, and it contains 9 of the cutest kitty stencils you ever did see.

We used so many of them on TikTok and our other social media accounts and enjoyed each craft we did.

This stencil set will definitely put a smile on any cat person’s face.

6. Proud American Coasters

Who says patriotism is just for the Fourth of July?

Any day is a good day to celebrate the country we live in (and the birth place of the Scorch Marker!).

This three-stencil pack on Etsy is perfect for throwing together a little American celebration. 

Final Thoughts

The Scorch marker is easy to use, versatile and can help you create so many different projects.

For the holiday season, it’s the perfect addition to your DIY toolbox.

Don’t forget though: in order to keep your coasters waterproof and resistant to scraping, it’s important to seal them!

We love using spray-on Shellac for waterproofing our crafts. 

To learn more about sealing your Scorch Marker projects, and to find other useful tips, follow us on Instagram.

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Dawn Lott

Dawn Lott

November 22, 2021

I’m trying to find the cat stencils! Can you send me the link??

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