Wood Crafts for Pumpkin Season | 6 Easy Scorch Marker Projects

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The weather is getting colder, holidays are growing near, and pumpkin season is in full swing.

Many people find themselves inside more often this time of year, and we’ve got the perfect suggestion to keep you busy.

The Scorch Marker, a unique chemical wood-burning marker, is the perfect way to create holiday decor, personalized utensils, and gifts for friends and family.

And today, we’re sharing six easy craft ideas you can create yourself with some wood, stencils, and a Scorch Marker.

1. Pumpkin-Themed Half Round Sign

Half wood rounds are some of my favorite cuts of wood to work with.

They’re rustic, fit perfectly with almost any design, and simply sit on their own when set on a table.

We went with several of these cuts for our fall decor, and this pumpkin sign was just one of them!

For best results, sand your wood to at least 500-grit before designing with your Scorch Marker. This stencil can be purchased on Etsy.

2. Fall Foliage Wall Hanging

We told you we loved half wood rounds!

Here’s another awesome design with the perfect autumn theme.

The great thing about Scorch Marker crafts is that the designs are permanent.

This means that, with a little protection, your pyrography projects can last forever.

Download the acorn and leaf stencils for free on our website with the code: ilovestencils.

3. Pumpkin-Shaped Decor

Pumpkins aren’t limited to stencils!

We found these adorable wooden pumpkins for just $5 at Target and had to grab some, ourselves.

Using the ‘Trick or Treat’ stencil from our website (get them all free with the code: ilovestencils), the Scorch Marker, and a heat gun, we created this awesome autumn craft in just minutes.

Pro Tip: Use a heat gun that is at least 1500-watts to ensure your project reaches the right temperature.

4. Wooden Halloween Spoons

Did you know?

The liquid used inside the Scorch Marker is entirely non-toxic and food safe! It’s true.

We’ve successfully used this tool on countless spoons, cutting boards, and other wooden utensils.

For a fun Halloween feel in the kitchen, we used our spooky season stencils (also free with the code: ilovestencils) on some of our wooden utensils.

And, to make them functional and waterproof, we applied our favorite food-safe finish, Shellac.

5. Halloween Tic Tac Toe Game

One of our favorite Halloween projects was this incredible Tic-Tac-Toe game.

We used a big, square wood slice to use as the game board.

Then, we used small wood slices and our Halloween stencils as the pieces.

It was so easy to throw together, and can be enjoyed by your kids, guests, and family for months to come!

6. Spooky Wood Burned Coasters

Wood slices don’t just make good game pieces.

They can also be designed and personalized to become custom wood-burned coasters!

It’s the perfect DIY for a Halloween party, and can go so many different ways depending on your preferences.

Make sure to apply Shellac after burning to keep your coasters waterproof.

Add the Scorch Marker to Your Crafting Kit

The great thing about the Scorch Marker is that it’s extremely beginner-friendly and can be used to create all sorts of crafts in just minutes.

With this incredible tool, it really is as simple as: draw, heat, burn. Learn more about all the different ways you can use the Scorch Marker on YouTube.

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