7 Family-Friendly Crafts to Make with Your Scorch Marker

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People don’t tend to look at pyrography as a child-friendly hobby, simply because of the hot tools, necessary skillset, and supervision required.

In fact, many adults struggle with the learning curve, making it a task that parents are just not interested in sharing with their children.

Scorch Marker, the first-available wood burning marker, is shaking up that long-held belief by making the craft of wood-burning more accessible to children and beginners.

In this article, we’re discussing the advantages of the Scorch Marker, and 7 family-friendly crafts that you can make with your kids today.

Scorch Marker is the Best Wood-Burning Tool to Use with Kids

Instead of requiring you to navigate red-hot tips, smoke, and resin buildup, the Scorch Marker grants you the ability to focus only on creating.

This truly is the best wood-burning tool, especially because it allows parents to hand their children a marker and a piece of wood, and just let them go!

The wood-burning magic doesn’t happen until a heat gun is used on the design. 

This offers wood-burning beginners so much more freedom and enjoyment, without the worry and confusion that comes with traditional pyrography.

And, there are so many creations that can come to life with just a marker and a heat gun. These include:

  • Wooden Buttons or Cufflinks

Wooden buttons and cufflinks are the perfect little craft to set up for an afternoon of wood-burning fun.

These are great because kids can design them however they want and then watch their creations come to life in their wardrobes.

Because of their size, wood-burning these small buttons is also a wonderful fine motor activity for younger kids. 

  • Children’s Blocks and Dice

Allowing kids to decorate and design their own blocks, dice, and wooden toys is another terrific opportunity for them to bring life to their art and celebrate it for years.

The possibilities for custom wooden blocks are literally endless.

They can be used for counting, teaching the alphabet, and so much more.

The dice can even be used in homemade board games for the whole family to enjoy. 

  • Wooden Bird Houses

Building small wooden birdhouses is already a craft commonly associated with kids and families, and now it can be taken to the next level with the Scorch Marker.

Because the liquid inside is non-toxic, this wood burning marker is a wonderful tool for decorating and adding personality to your bird house. 

  • Wood Burned Clock

Another great craft to be designed and enjoyed by the entire family is a large wood burned clock.

It’s incredibly easy to build your own clock and there are hundreds of DIY ideas on Pinterest.

Simple wooden clock faces can be found in most craft stores, and combined with the Scorch Marker can help you create functional wall art that is truly your own.

  • Wood Slice Coasters

Another wood burning project sure to leave your kids beaming with pride are wood slice coasters.

Dozens of these can little coasters can be decorated quickly, and then used for gifts, events, and family get-togethers.

They are sure to be a great conversation starter, and something you look forward to passing around.

  • Adventure Travel Map

Interactive adventure travel maps are great long-term projects for families who travel.

These can be customized to represent your state, your country, or the entire world, depending on how much you like to travel.

Color each place that you visit with the Scorch Marker to honor your adventures for a lifetime. 

  • Garden Markers

Get the entire family in on your next vegetable garden by asking them to burn some garden markers.

This can be done on popsicle sticks or even actual sticks to offer a more rustic feel.

Write the name of the vegetable with your Scorch Marker, burn it on with a heat gun, and stick it in the ground marking the right seed. 

If you want to learn more about using your Scorch Marker successfully with your kids, visit our blog today.

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