Crafter Of The Week: Kama Lyle

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At Scorch Marker, we love our customers! And, we really enjoy seeing and sharing all the wonderful things they create. This week, we talked with crafter Kama Lyle to learn more about their experience with the Scorch Marker. Here's what they had to say.

What inspired you to start wood burning? Tell us about who or what influenced you, how you got started, and what inspired you.

I love crafting and DIY projects! I saw your video one day on FB and was amazed with how the process worked and the outcome as well! Since then, wood burning has become one of my top go to crafts/projects!

What is your wood burning setup like? Tell us about the tools you use to create projects. Do you have any favorites?

I have your markers right now. I do use a different brand of heat gun, which works okay. I typically create a design, then weed, and apply the vinyl stencil to the wood. I would love to try out your new tools (sander, finishing oil, heat gun, stencils

What types of projects do you love to create & what type of projects are you currently working on?

Coasters, wall decor, small DIY gifts for others

What is your creation process? Is there a process?

Kinda mentioned it above 🙂

What project are you the most proud of? What did you find challenging or unique about it?

I love my most recent project! I created a wall sign for a friend. On the wood piece, I put our camp logo and name as well as dates! Our camp is very special to our families!

Where can people check out more of your projects? Website URL, social profiles, etc

Kama Joel Lyle - Facebook


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