DIY Farmhouse Décor Ideas for Your Home

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Farmhouse décor has been increasing in popularity for a few years now. But what exactly is it? More importantly, how can you achieve this décor style in your home with a Scorch Marker?

Farmhouse style is all about creating a comfortable and cozy atmosphere. You don't have to be an expert decorator to achieve this look. With Scorch Marker, you can add simple wooden details that will give your space the farmhouse charm you're looking for.

Key elements of Farmhouse Home Decor:

  • vintage/antique elements
  • wood and other natural elements
  • create open spaces
  • neutral/natural colors

So now you may be asking yourself, "How exactly can I create farmhouse decor with Scorch Marker?". Don't worry because we have tons of ideas to get you started! Make sure you've got your Scorch Marker and Scorch Marker Heat Gun (or other heat source) ready to go!

Farmhouse Home Decor Ideas

Start your decorating at the front door with a fun Wooden Door Wreath for every season, see how we made a door wreath for Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, and Easter!

Focusing on functionality and using natural elements like wood, you can even create a unique entryway key holder for your home with the Scorch Marker

You can also use elements of the farmhouse décor style on various places in your home like the kitchen. Create open areas with shelving and add functional décor. Use your Scorch Marker to make a dishwasher magnet that is useful and rustic.

Farmhouse Decor Gift Ideas

If you're looking for a unique housewarming gift idea that aligns with the farmhouse decor theme, you can create some of the easiest home decor projects in no time with the Scorch Marker!

We often create wood cutting boards that make the perfect gift ideas. Not only are they a unique gift idea, these cutting boards are food safe and a useful item that lasts for much longer than traditional cutting boards.

Looking for a smaller gift idea that focuses on natural elements? Try your hand at the quick and easy wooden coasters. Use wood round slices, your Scorch Marker, stencil of choice, and heat gun to bring these to life!

Struggling on ideas for a gift idea that is rustic and practical for a gardener in your life? Create custom garden markers! You can make fun sayings on them or use them for garden marking.

These Scorch Marker projects have been a few Farmhouse Decor ideas you can create for your own home or give as gifts. The best part is that they are so easy to make! You can create stunning farmhouse decor gifts for family and friends with just a few simple supplies. So what are you waiting for? Start crafting today! Be sure to join our Scorch Marker group and share all your wood projects!

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