Date Night Dinner Dice

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Planning a date night for Valentine's Day or a regular date night? Finding it hard to choose what and where to eat? What if it was just a roll of the die away?

Introducing Dinner Dice!

You create a die that features your most favorite foods/restaurants and wood burn the options! Then when it's time to decide where to eat, you just roll your die!

Dinner Dice Supplies:

Step 1: Cut your wood piece and sand.

You can find smaller wooden dice at your local dollar store or cut your own wood square

Be sure to sand your wood piece after cutting and before applying your vinyl stencil.

Step 2: Create your stencils.

You can sketch your own free-hand designs or create them on your vinyl cutting machine software. (We used Cricut Design Space to create ours)

For a normal die, you will need 6 options to choose from.

Step 3: Create Your Stencils and Apply Transfer Tape

Reverse weeding is necessary to create the stencils you need with the Scorch Marker.

After getting your stencils ready, apply transfer tape over the vinyl so you can place your designs.

Place your stencils in the area you want them and remove the transfer tape from the design.

Step 4: Use Your Scorch Marker

Fill in your stencil with the Scorch Marker Pro. Wipe away excess Scorch Marker fluid from your designs. 

Apply heat! Move your heat gun around on your design until you start to see the darkening from the scorch.

Step 5: Rinse and Repeat for all your sides

Once complete you can leave it or apply wood oil to seal the designs and make this dinner dice last for years!


Wanna see the Dinner Dice we created in real time? Check out the video below to see the steps in action! 

Have you made a Dinner Die and wanna share it? Have other wood projects you've made with the Scorch Marker? Come join the Scorch Marker Super Fans and share your projects!


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