December Crafters of the Month - Christmas Crafts

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You guys have been BUSY with the Scorch Marker products and we couldn't be more proud of all the cool stuff you guys have made! You've been blowing us away with how creative and resourceful you can be!

If you've been on the fence about trying out the new Maker's Magic then let some of these projects we saw in December get your wheels turning!

Upcycled Christmas Decor



Glitter Ornaments

Steff B. created these amazing lighthouse ornaments!

Did you know you can use Maker's Magic to create glitter ornaments? You can also use it to apply glitter to the outside of the ornaments too!


Serving Trays

Kathleen Q emailed us this amazing tray she created at home with Maker's Magic!

You can use old fabric you have scraps of, napkins, and more to give old trays new life!

Wood Cutting Boards

Annette H from our Scorch Marker Super Fans created this unique wood cutting board for a holiday gift!

You can use the Scorch Marker Wood Oil to add new life to old cutting boards too!


Decoupage Vintage Furniture

Anna emailed of this amazing creation! She created this one of a kind vintage vanity with Maker's Magic!


We love seeing the things you guys have created with the Scorch Marker items and you never cease to amaze us!

Scorch Marker is here to help make crafting easier for YOU! We appreciate your art and craft projects!

Do you have a new project you want to share? You can join the Scorch Marker Super Fans OR you can send us your projects!

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