What's the Difference Between Scorch Marker and the Scorch Marker Pro?

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What is the Scorch Marker Pro and how is it different than the Scorch Marker? Besides the cool new packaging, it's just a better marker. Let us explain.

Why Make Changes?

We listened to customer feedback and made changes based on what YOU said! By tacking "pro" on the end of Scorch Marker, we are raising your expectations on the overall performance of the marker, because we made it way better.

With the Scorch Marker Pro's new design, you should expect nothing less than professional looking results in a fraction of the time.Scorch Marker Pro

Everything in The USA!

Everything we buy and use is made in the United States of America. Our plastic, our packaging, our cardboard boxes, our bags, our raw materials and 100% of our labor. It's all domestic. Supporting Scorch Marker is supporting the USA.

 Scorch Marker Pro

Stronger, NEW, Durable Tip

The Scorch Marker Pro now has a durable, acrylic bullet tip. It's shape was improved to reduce damage when writing on rough surfaces like wood. It's more robust, sturdier and will last longer. No more smashed nibs!


We Added a Frickin' Brush!

A brand new feature to the Scorch Marker Pro is the removable foam brush on the back. Customers asked for it, and they got it. Now you have another method to use. Try using it with a silkscreen stencil. It's a GAME CHANGER!

It's perfect for bigger projects, or if you want more of a "free hand" look. 

Brush on Scorch Marker

New Formula—New Chemistry

Better color, darker and faster burn and sharper lines. We spent thousands of hours and money researching this topic and developed a brand new, super effective thermogenic formula that won't disappoint. You just have to try it!

No More Leaking

The new Scorch Marker Pro is sturdier than the last marker and will not leak. It has stiff exterior and is very durable. The inside of the Pro has a stainless steel spring that mixes the solution when shaken. It also gives it a nice weight.

New Marker Features

Money Back Guarantee

We're so confident in our improvements that we created an outrageous new return policy. Send it back to us at any time and you'll get a complete refund. That's it. New, used, broken, empty, a year later—it doesn't matter. We'll take it.

For more information regarding Scorch Marker, visit our website by clicking here.



3 Responses

0felia Restrepo

0felia Restrepo

January 08, 2023

Como lo puedo hacer para adquirir sus productos en Colombia vivo en Bogotá. Gracias.

Edgar Medina gaitan

Edgar Medina gaitan

November 27, 2022

Dónde se puede comprar en Neiva-Huila-Colombia? y cuál es el precio?

José Alejandro Essmann

José Alejandro Essmann

September 08, 2021

Puedo comprarlo en Chile? Tienen Distribuidor o vendedor aquí?

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