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Looking for a way to decorate your own wooden spoons? Or looking for a gift idea for your mother, aunt or grandmother? Here is your answer: customized wood burned spoons!

Decorated Wood Spoons

Not only is this an adorable (and easy) craft to do, but is also very inexpensive to make! You can get wooden spoons from the Dollar Store and glam them up with your Scorch Marker and heat gun. A small design on the spoon will not just transform your cooking utensils, but will also modernize your kitchen.


Wooden Spoon Supplies


1. Make sure your wooden spoon is not pre-stained and is sanded to 220 grit

2. Prime your Scorch Marker by pressing the marker tip into a paper towel until you see liquid flowing into the tip of the marker.

3. Draw design with Scorch Marker and put marker away

4. If using a heat gun, warm up the heat gun for 30 seconds before applying heat to your design.

5. Apply heat in quick side-to-side movements, 2 inches away from the design until the design is as dark as you'd like.

Watch the Process


That's it! Easy peasy. For more information regarding Scorch Marker, visit our website by clicking here.


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