How to Buy the Best Wood Burning Kit for Kids This Christmas

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We live in a society where kids have access to a lot.

It can be hard to keep up with the latest games and greatest new gadgets, and whether the kids in your life have them or not.

This makes Christmas shopping kind of difficult.

Not to mention, many parents aren’t looking for another toy to add to their, already massive, collection at home.

For this reason, giving gifts that offer an experience are growing more and more popular. 

In this article, we’re talking about doing something unique this holiday season and giving the kids in your life the gift of a new hobby.

The Scorch Marker, which offers the best wood burning kit for kids, opens the world of pyrography up in a way that is safe and fun.

And really, it was designed with kids and families in mind.

Read more about how how the Scorch Marker craft bundle is the perfect gift for kids this holiday season!

The Best Woodburning Tool Designed with Kids in Mind

The Scorch Marker was created with all ages in mind, but really is the perfect tool for kids and beginners.

That’s because using this wood-burning marker is so easy and straightforward.

In fact, all that’s required is to draw, heat the area, and enjoy the finished product!

Using Stencils with the Scorch Marker

Forget worrying about tracing light pencil lines or, even worse, freehanding your project.

Because heat isn’t applied until later in the process, vinyl stencils can be used to create something that looks beautiful and professional.

Kids can even enjoy decorating themed stencils for free with Scorch Marker!

Just use the code ‘ilovestencils’ at checkout.

Applying Heat Safely

The absolute best aspect of the Scorch Marker is the fact that kids never have to come into contact with the heating process at all.

For younger kids, adults can take over the entire thing, completely eliminating the risk for serious burns or fires.

That’s because heat doesn’t have to be applied to creations designed with the Scorch Marker until the very end of the process.

Another great feature worth mentioning is that an open flame never has to be used at all!

The only thing required to bring Scorch Marker artwork to life is a regular 1000-watt heat gun.

Why You Should Teach Your Kids About Pyrography

Introducing the children in your life to the traditional art of pyrography doesn’t have to be as complicated as it once was.

Thanks to the Scorch Marker, the difficulty and safety concerns have been completely removed from wood burning, leaving only fun, imagination, and bonding time.

And, introducing children to the enjoyment of this incredible hobby now only sets them up for appreciating art and creation in the future. 

This Christmas, make the decision to skip adding another toy to the, already gigantic, pile. And introduce the kids in your life to the joy of pyrography!

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