How to Customize Your Kitchen Utensils the Non-Toxic Way

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When it comes to cooking, wooden utensils remain king in many kitchens across the world.

This is mostly because of their durable and long-lasting nature.

Wooden utensils are also quite gentle on pots and pans, and this only increases their popularity.

However, most wooden kitchen gear tends to be quite bland and boring. This is why we use Scorch Marker to customize and personalize all of ours! 

The Scorch Marker is Non-Toxic and Food Safe

Scorch Marker is totally safe for use on cooking and eating utensils, and can bring a new flair and pop of fun to everything in your kitchen.

This wood-burning marker requires nothing but a heat gun to use, and provides a real, authentic wood-burned look.

It’s food safe and non-toxic, allowing the littlest members of the family to get in on the crafting fun, and Scorch Marker designs don’t wash off in the dishwasher. 

In this article, we’re giving you four tips for using the Scorch Marker to customize your wooden spoons, spatulas, cutting boards, and more.

Tips for Wood-Burning Your Kitchen Utensils Safely

There are four important tips to keep in mind when you sit down to customize your kitchen gear with the Scorch Marker.

Not only will these tips help you get the best results from your crafting project, but they will also keep you safe.

When personalizing your wooden utensils, make sure that you:

Choose the Right Heat Gun

Before you even begin designing with your Scorch Marker, it is critical that you have the right heat gun for the job.

We recommend using one that is at least 1000-watts to really help that chemical reaction along.

This one on Amazon is amazing. 

A lighter, hair dryer, or crafting gun simply won’t get hot enough for the wood to burn. 

We also recommend preheating your heat gun before applying it to your surface.

Preheating reduces the time you have to spend with the heat gun in your hand and also reduces the risk of burn marks in areas outside of your design. 

Use Stencils!

This is where Scorch Marker really gets to shine.

A huge advancement to traditional wood burning, the Scorch Marker can be used with vinyl stencils.

This type of stencil opens a world of possibilities, especially for those who struggle with drawing or hand-lettering.

They help reduce the risk of mistakes and frustration, while also allowing you to achieve a cleaner final product. 

To help you get the most from your vinyl stencils, we’ve created an entire blog post dedicated to teaching you to work with them.

Opt for the Right Wood

While they could work together, not all types of wood should be combined with the Scorch Marker.

Check to make sure your wood is unfinished and unpainted before hitting it with a heat gun.

First, the Scorch Marker is simply unable to penetrate through layers of finish or paint to reach the wood.

And, for the Scorch Marker to actually work, reaching the wood is essential.

The other issue is that high-temp heat guns can begin melting the finish or paint off of a wooden surface. 

Double Check Your Finish

After drawing and burning your Scorch Marker design, one of the best ways to extend its life is to seal it.

And, while the Scorch Marker, and its ingredients, are completely non-toxic and safe for preparing food on, not all wood finishes can say the same thing.

Double check the ingredients and recommendations of yours before applying it to your kitchen utensils.

We love using Odie’s Oil and Shellac on our kitchen equipment!

Final Thoughts

Bringing life and personalization to your all the wooden utensils in your kitchen is such a great way to turn your house into a home.

You might consider adding your last name, a cute little doodle, or inspirational quote to see while you’re cooking.

Whatever you decide, we’re here for you! Before you get started, be sure to check out the top tips for wood-burning marker beginners on our blog

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Melinda Suttle

Melinda Suttle

January 23, 2023

So, if I purchase a cutting board and want to personalize it, I should buy an unfinished one? I don’t need to buy one already finished and ready to use AND THEN personalize it?

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