Introducing Scorch Paint - Heat Activated Paint!

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Have you wanted to create wood projects on a whole new level but needed that wood burning project to spark your creativity? Introducing Scorch Paint, a heat activated paint that lets your imagination go wild! Scorch Paint is now available and crafters from all over are already loving it!

What is Scorch Paint?

Introducing Scorch Paint - our newest addition to the Scorch Marker Product line. This innovative product burns faster and darker, allowing you to create unique, personalized wood burned crafts effortlessly.

What makes Scorch Paint different? Well, you'll have the flexibility to apply it in any way you like, thanks to its versatile formula. Plus, you'll get 2oz of pure Scorch Paint in a reusable glass jar.

Experience our best and most current formula yet with Scorch Paint. Start creating one-of-a-kind wood burned crafts with ease.

Benefits of using Scorch Paint

For starters, Scorch Paint is incredibly easy to use. All you need to do is apply it as you would any other paint, and it will work its magic when exposed to heat (we use our heat gun). This quality also makes it a practical option for DIY enthusiasts who enjoy creating custom designs and decorations.

Furthermore, Scorch Paint can be used to create stunning visual effects that can transform a room or object. 

What surfaces can you use Scorch Paint on?

Scorch Paint is a brand new product we've been trying on literally any surface we can! Scorch Paint is a liquid heat activated paint so you can apply it to most surfaces that could take other types of paint. 
So far we've used the Scorch Paint on:
  • Paper Towel Rolls
  • Paper Mache
  • Sourwood Wood Piece
  • Wooden Spatulas
  • Wood Slices

Step-by-step guide to applying Scorch Paint

  1. Sand your project! Read our Wood Prep Blog Post HERE for the best tips on sanding your wood surfaces before using the Scorch Paint.
  2. Gather your other supplies. Paint brushes, q-tips, paper towels, and heat source (like your heat gun).
  3. Design and have fun! Apply your Scorch Paint in whatever design you'd like whether it be with using stencils or free-handing your own design.
  4. Apply heat to your desired design. You can create shadowing, depth, and more with the Scorch Paint depending on how long you apply the heat on your design.

Tips on how to maintain your newly painted surface

So your brand new wood project is finished, what now? Now you want to set in that design and make sure it lasts! 

We've created the Scorch Marker Wood Finishing Oil to be the perfect addition to any wood project you create. It's easy to use and is made of non-toxic ingredients, so perfect for using on wood projects that food may come in contact with!

Scorch Paint can absolutely be an amazing way to make your projects stand out. From the stunning subtle hues to the bold and daring tones, this paint is definitely an incredible tool that can be used by anyone to make their artistic vision come true.

With a bit of practice and some creative thinking, the possibilities are virtually endless when it comes to what you can do with scorch paint. So don't miss out on this opportunity - take your creativity to whole new level, get your hands on some Scorch Paint now

Make sure you join the Scorch Marker Super Fans Group to show off your own projects and get inspiration for new ones!

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