Crafters of the Week - Craft with Scorch Marker

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We loving seeing all the crafts that our customers make with the Scorch Marker products! In our Scorch Marker Super Fan Group you guys can share your own projects and get ideas for new ones. It's a great source for inspiration, tips, and tricks on using Scorch Marker Paint and other products too!
We want to highlight a few of our Scorch Marker Super Fans that have made some amazing wood projects with their Scorch Markers!

Check out this amazing noodle board that our own Wanda K. created! This was actually her very first wood project with a Scorch Marker! She used a dark walnut wood and after her wood burning was done she used food-grade oil to seal the piece.

If you're looking to create some nature-themed or outdoor-themed crafts, check out this amazing piece from Jackie A. She used a solid large wood round and her Scorch Marker to create this outdoorsy bear with a forest background piece. This would make a perfect gift for someone with a cabin or outdoor-themed room!

If you are or know someone who is a pet lover, they're going to love this fun craft that Jenn B. made in our Super Fan Group. This was also her very first time using a Scorch Marker and it came out amazing! After her design was finished she also used the Scorch Marker Wood Finishing Oil to add a stained look to the wood piece and decided to use it as a coaster!

Use your Scorch Marker to create unique custom pieces like this one made by Yulissa S., this wood project was made on a larger wood round and if you're worried about the smaller lettering, we got you! 
You can create smaller fonts and freehand designs with the Scorch Marker 2mm Felt Tip! Combine the Scorch Marker products to create a fun and unique wood craft with detail, shading, depth, and more!

Tips for Creating Wood Projects with Scorch Marker Products

Are you struggling to come up with ideas on what to make with your Scorch Marker and wood pieces? Here are some helpful and easy ideas that can help get you started:

  • Make sure you sand your wood piece thoroughly before starting your project with any Scorch Marker product! This helps prevent bleeding of the liquid.
  • Prep your Scorch Marker by priming the tip.
  • Use stencils! You can use pre-made stencils from Scorch Marker or create your own with a vinyl cutting machine!
  • Start small! You can try out your Scorch Marker on a smaller project like a coaster, ornament, or even on paper mâché.
  • See what there is a need for! Is it a new season and you need a new Welcome Home sign for your home? What about an upcoming birthday or holiday? Create custom gifts that will WOW them!

Crafting with Scorch Marker is a great way to add a unique touch to any wooden craft project. With its quick drying and vibrant nature, it is the perfect wood-burning marker to use on wood.

Plus, it’s mess free – just shake and start working. Whether you are drawing small details or adding colorful strokes for larger works, this marker will help you make your mark and take your creations to the next level.

Unleash your creativity and get experimenting! Show off your amazing artsy accomplishments; inspire others with what you can create. Go forth and start crafting: whittle away at wood projects that compliment your style!

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