Nature-Themed Craft Ideas to Create with the Scorch Maker

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The Scorch Marker is one of the hottest crafting tools of the year, and for good reason!

This wood-burning pen makes pyrography easier than it’s ever been before.

Not only is it extremely versatile, allowing you to burn surfaces like paper máché, cardboard, denim, and canvas, but it’s also safe and non-toxic. 

In this article, we’re showing you some unique ways to use your Scorch Marker to create some fun nature-themed projects that will wow your friends and leave you feeling proud.

7 Nature-Themed Crafts to Try with Your Scorch Marker

As mentioned above, the Scorch Marker makes wood-burning safe and easy.

That’s because there are only three steps to the entire process: draw, heat, and burn.

And, because the heat isn’t applied until after you’ve completely finished crafting, this tool can be enjoyed by people of all ages. 

Now, let’s get into seven craft suggestions that you won’t want to miss.

1. Garden Wood Rounds

Spring is just around the corner.

That means it’s time to start preparing your garden!

Try using some wood rounds, our garden stencils, and a few popsicle sticks for a unique way to mark your herbs this year.

Don’t forget: all of our stencils can be downloaded for free by using the code ‘ilovestencils’ at checkout. 

And, watch the step-by-step creation of these wood rounds on TikTok

2. Mushroom Diffuser

Have you ever considered making a diffuser from wood?

The fibers are excellent at holding onto scents for the long term and providing aromatherapy that lasts for weeks.

We decided to try creating a diffuser with a couple of wood slices and our mushroom stencils, and they turned out absolutely adorable! 

See the tips and tricks for applying essential oils onto wood on TikTok.

3. Succulent Steer Decor

Don’t just create nature-themed projects; use nature to create them!

This succulent steer craft is one of our favorites.

It includes actual living succulents to provide a design that can’t be compared to anything else.

We grabbed this simple stencil design from Etsy and then used a drill and glue gun to bring it all together. 

See the creation of this craft and the fully finished project on TikTok.

4. Flower Coasters

Coasters are one of the simplest, easiest crafts to create with the Scorch Marker.

They’re our go-to project because they’re so easy to create and give away as gifts.

For these coasters, we took advantage of some neat square blocks that we had and then added a cute little flower stencil over the top.

These are simple, easy, and oh-so-adorable. 

And, you can learn to make them yourself on TikTok.

5. Tree Line Cutting Board

Cutting boards are another Scorch Marker favorite because these projects are so useful!

Can you believe that our wood-burned crafts are completely non-toxic and food-safe?

They are!

For this nature-themed cutting board, we decided to focus on an evergreen tree line, which just pays homage to the material we’re using to create it. 

Find the treeline stencil on Etsy, and watch us create the entire project here.

6. Moth Incense Holder

The functional crafting doesn’t stop at cutting boards though.

Have you ever tried creating your own incense holder?

This moth incense holder is unique, handy, and is guaranteed to get conversations started.

Try creating it yourself by watching the process on TikTok.

7. Desert Key Holder

Tired of constantly losing your keys? There’s a craft for that!

With this desert-themed key holder, you’re guaranteed to always know the location of your keys.

And, you spice up the decor of your home in the process.

These cactus hooks can be found on Etsy, and you can see the project come together on TikTok

The Scorch Marker and Nature Just Belong Together

The crafting possibilities are literally endless with the Scorch Marker, and the fun is just getting started!

Do you have some ideas for awesome nature-themed Scorch Marker crafts?

Try creating them yourself and then tagging us on social media so we can share them with the world.

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