7 Easy Sign Ideas to Create with Your Wood Burning Tool

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Have you ever tried creating your own wooden sign to proudly display in your home?

Or, has it been years since you hung some of your own art up on the walls?

Creating interior decor is so fun because, once displayed, your art can be enjoyed again and again.

And, the Scorch Marker makes that possible on wood! In this article, we’re giving you seven different sign ideas for you to try creating for your own home. 

The Scorch Marker Makes DIY Decor Easier than Ever Before

The great thing about the Scorch Marker, a unique wood-burning pen, is that this tool makes it easier than ever to burn designs into wood. All that’s required is a piece of wood, stencil, and your heat gun to get started!

Then, the design process is as easy as: draw, heat, burn.

Here are 7 sign ideas for you to try creating yourself.

1. A Fun Bar Sign

Love hosting in your own home bar?

Spice it up with some handmade decor.

This ‘Whiskey & Wine Bar’ sign is the perfect addition to any bar area and is sure to be a wonderful conversation starter on any night.

You can watch the entire craft being created on our TikTok channel, and download the stencil yourself on Etsy.

2. A Handy Key Hanger

Looking to create a sign that not only looks wonderful but is functional as well?

We have you covered!

This desert-themed key hanger ensures you never misplace your car keys again, while also acting as an adorable wall hanger.

See the process of this craft creation on TikTok and grab your own set of cactus hooks on Etsy.

3. Honeybee Decor

Everyone loves honeybees and all they do for our Earth.

Show a little appreciation and get people talking about the important topics with this DIY honey sign.

It’s the best addition to any farmhouse-themed decor.

Grab your own stencil for this sign on Etsy and watch a video of us creating this sign on TikTok

4. Craft Room Decor

Are you even designing your craft room right if it’s not decorated with your own art?

This craft-themed sign is a wonderful addition to any craft room and a direct source of inspiration.

Create it yourself by grabbing the stencil on Etsy and watching the step-by-step on TikTok.

5. Man Cave Decor

When was the last time you changed it up in the man cave?

Add a little personality and some boasting rights by creating your own sign to display.

This man cave sign idea is the perfect place to start, no matter how skilled you are at wood-working.

If you want to make one of your own, be sure to grab the stencil from Etsy and watch the process on TikTok.

6. A Sign for Your Shop

Every shop needs a handmade sign; it just belongs there.

This one is simple, easy, and gets right to the point.

And, it’s perfect for Pop Pop!

Create it yourself by creating the stencil yourself (with whatever name you want) on your vinyl cutting machine and following the step-by-step we shared on TikTok.

7. Adorable Leash Hanger

There’s nothing worse than being ready to take a walk with your dog…only to have no clue where the leash is.

How frustrating!

Prevent that from ever happening again with this dog-themed leash hanger.

You’re sure to beam with pride every time you grab your furry friend’s leash.

You can find the dog hangers on Etsy and learn more about creating this sign on TikTok

Start Crafting with Free Scorch Marker Stencil Patterns

Not only does the Scorch Marker make wood burning so much easier than ever before, we’re also offering more than 100 different stencil patterns completely free of charge!

All you have to do is use the code: ilovestencils when you check out.

Then, you can start creating whatever you want right here, right now.

Happy crafting!

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