Quick & Easy 4th of July Craft

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It's getting hot, watermelon is on sale and our neighbors are getting overly ambitious with their fireworks. This can only mean one thing—it's Independence Day!

American Flag Waving

Besides getting your family barbecue organized, maybe you're looking to do a little crafting too. To go along with this patriotic time of the year, here is a quick 5 minute craft to get you in the fourth of July spirit. You'll just need 4 items to complete it: a stencil of your choice, wood, Scorch Marker and a heat gun or torch.

American Flag Wood Burning

At the end of this five minute craft, you will create wall decor for your home, a custom made coaster set to wow your guests, or perhaps your new favorite ornament.

Let's get started!


2 Scorch Markers


1. Place stencil on top of wood round

2. Press Scorch Marker into paper towel until you see liquid flowing from tip

3. Fill in stencil design with Scorch Marker

4. Remove stencil and set aside

6. On a heat friendly surface (if doing this indoors, a cookie sheet is a great option), apply heat in a side to side motion until your design is as dark as you'd like. 

Need to reference a video to help you with the burning? Click here.

American Flag Design

What's next?

After the wood has cooled, feel free to apply a coat of poly or wood finish. 

For more information regarding Scorch Marker, visit our website by clicking here.

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