The Craft Supply You NEED - The Waterproof Test with Maker's Magic

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Are you struggling to keep your projects waterproof after you've added those final touches? What if you had something that preserved your work, added an adhesive element, and even added that extra *pop* of shine?

Meet the Maker's Magic Gloss, your new craft best friend!

Now we know what you might be thinking....."How can I know if it's actually waterproof?" Well we tested it, multiple times even!


See how it works WITH a design on glass and how durable and waterproof it actually is?

Ready to break up with the clumpy, messy, smelly, peeling, cracking, unclear, slooooooow-drying alternative? Our all-in-one craft glue, sealer, and project finish dries so fast and clear, it'll make your jaw drop (don't worry, you can glue it back with our Maker's Magic!).



But does it work on wood pieces? 

Maker's Magic does have a cure time of 48 hours (advised but depending on the project it may be ready before then)


@zmakersmagic All four coaster’s lined up looking pretty. #halloweendecorations #spookyseason #diyproject #makersmagic ♬ Haunted Marionette - Spooky Music


You can create amazing projects like these wooden coasters from our very own Izetta

You can even tint your Maker's Magic and use it to PAINT! This is such a fun way to create home decor or gift ideas! Look at the amazing piece that Lindsey created! Make sure to let your piece dry fully and it's waterproof after fully cured!

@lindseymakersmagic Stained glass is finished! Its not perfeft but it was fun to make! Loving Maker’s Magic! Get yours tiday for 10% off, use my link or code below my profile picture. #makersmagic #magicmodge #scorchmarker #modpodge #new #fyp #craft #glue #crafttok #fun #create #diy #outnow #creativity #foryoupage #custom #art #paint #maker #puffpaint #lighthouse #ocean #northernlights ♬ Spongebob Tomfoolery - Dante9k Remix - David Snell

The ONLY All-Purpose Craft Glue, Waterproof Sealer, Decoupage Medium and Project Finish That Dries in 45 Minutes... Cures in 48 Hours... And Gives You A Crystal CLEAR Finish Every Time!

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