Wood Burning Summer Crafts for Kids

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Looking for fun and engaging activities to do with your kids this summer? Look no further than these wood burning summer crafts! Not only will they keep your little ones entertained, but you can work together to create something special that you can display proudly in their room. Get ready for a summer full of creativity and bonding with your children.

mom and daughter using a scorch marker to design custom ornaments with stencils

Wood burning crafts allow children to express themselves by drawing a design or pattern on a piece of wood with a hot tool; this means their own imagination runs wild while they explore creating something unique and special. Whether it’s coasters, frames, ornaments, book marks – the possibilities are endless – this craft provides hours of rewarding fun for both young crafters and parent alike.

Safety Tips for Wood Burning Projects 

If you choose to use a Scorch Marker for your summer crafts then it makes wood burning a lot safer, quicker, and easier! Scorch Marker is an easy to use product that allows you to skip the traditional hot iron of wood burning.

The only aspect your child will need help with is the heat gun (necessary to create the wood burned designs with Scorch Marker). The heat gun does get very hot so it’s better if an adult this part of your summer crafts. Check out  
Safety Tips for Using a Heat Gun for more info.

Supplies Needed for Wood-Burning Crafts 

  • Paper Towels
  • Scorch Marker (or wood burning tool of choice)
  • Stencils/Pencils to draw your designs
  • Heat gun
  • Wood Pieces

Tips for Working with Wood 

  • Find the best wood for your wood projects - make sure you have found the best wood for whatever project. Read more on wood types here.
  • Sand your wood surfaces first before starting any wood projects
  • Create an outline first then color in any places you want a wood burn within your designs.

Wood Burning Summer Crafts for Kids

  1. Wood Burned Keychains: Cut small wooden shapes, such as hearts or stars, and let kids burn their initials or designs onto them. Attach a keyring to create personalized keychains.

  2. Wooden Spoon Art: Allow kids to use a wood burning tool (under adult supervision) to create intricate patterns or drawings on wooden spoons. These can be used for cooking or as decorative pieces.

  3. Wood Burned Plant Markers: Help kids burn the names or images of different plants onto wooden sticks to create charming markers for the garden or potted plants.

  4. Wood Slice Ornaments: Using a wood burning tool, let kids burn festive designs onto round wood slices. Add a ribbon or string to hang them as rustic ornaments.

  5. Wood Burned Picture Frames: Burn decorative patterns or designs onto wooden picture frames and let kids insert their favorite summer photos for a personalized touch.

  6. Wood Burned Coasters: Provide kids with wooden coasters and let them create unique designs or patterns using the wood burning tool. These coasters will protect surfaces in style.

  7. Wood Burned Jewelry Box: Help kids burn their initials or intricate designs onto a small wooden box that can be used to store jewelry or small treasures.
  8. Wood Burned Cutting Boards: Using a wood burning tool, let kids burn decorative designs onto wooden cutting boards, making them functional and visually appealing.

  9. Wood Burned Wind Chimes: Burn patterns or images onto wooden pieces that can be assembled into a wind chime. Hang it outside to enjoy the soothing sounds in the summer breeze.
  10. Wood Burned Wall Art: Provide kids with a larger wooden plaque and let them use the wood burning tool to create their own unique artwork or inspirational quotes.

Aftercare Advice 

After your wood burning projects are complete, you can seal them to make them last even longer! Use a wood oil (if you need a food safe wood oil try the Scorch Marker wood oil) to moisturize your wood projects.

If you’re looking to seal the designs, try the new Magic Modge from Scorch Marker that allows you to fully seal any design (with or without color) once complete.

Don't forget to join our Scorch Marker Super Fans group to get tips and trick with your wood burning projects, get new ideas, and show off your work!

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