3 Safety Tips for Using a Heat Gun with Your Scorch Marker

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While the Scorch Marker is totally non-toxic and safe for the whole family to use, crafts with this tool require a heat gun to actually work.

And, as can be expected by its name, a heat gun gets hot.

Very hot.

And, with improper use and handling, these devices have been known to cause fires and injury. 

In this article, we’re discussing the importance of being mindful when working with a heat gun and ways that you can guarantee your safety every time you use one. 

Heat Gun Crafts are Safe for the Family When Done Correctly

A heat gun is a handy tool that most people have hanging out in their garage or craft room for a multitude of different reasons.

These hot gadgets can be used for removing paint or wallpaper, bending plastic, and burning the Scorch Marker liquid into the grain of your wood. 

And heat guns run on electricity, which is both a good and bad thing. 

There is no gas or open flame to worry about when dealing with these tools, but this can also lead to a false sense of security.

How to Stay Safe When Wood Burning with a Heat Gun

Heat guns are not always spark free, and blow out an extremely hot stream of air.

For this reason, children should never handle this instrument, and adults should always make sure they are staying safe.

The three most important tips to keep in mind when working with a heat gun are to:

Remain Mindful of Your Body

As mentioned above, a heat gun gets extremely hot.

The one we enjoy using in all our Scorch Marker videos reaches 1,200℉+, which is way hotter than our ovens cook.

Because of this, it is so important to always remain mindful of your body and where it is in relation to your heat source.

Long hair should be tied back before getting started on your project, primarily to eliminate that risk completely.

Those who are new to using a heat gun should also consider doubling up on protection by wearing goggles and gloves to keep your eyes and skin safe.

Make sure that you never, ever stand in the direction of air flow, and always keep your skin and clothes far from the nozzle. 

Maintaining mindfulness about your body and location of the heat gun will reduce any risks associated with using the tool tremendously, as carelessness is one of the top reasons for injury. 

Take Precautions to Avoid Starting a Fire

Personal safety is the primary focus when working with a heat gun, but you should also make sure that you take steps to prevent a fire from taking place.

Start by simply checking your surroundings. Make sure that you aren’t near anything flammable when operating your heat gun, including gas and fabrics.

And always make sure that it’s cooled completely before storing your heat gun away again. 

Accidents do happen though, so you should always be prepare for the instance of a fire.

Consider keeping a fire extinguisher somewhere near your workspace to help minimize damage and injury if a fire does occur. 

Research Your Tool Before Using It

The most important step you can take when using a heat gun is to research your tool.

Not all heat guns are created equally, and you should know yours before operating it.

Never go into using a tool like a heat gun blind.

Make sure you know what all the buttons and nozzles do before touching something you might regret later.

Having a game plan and staying in control of the situation is one of the best ways for staying safe when working with heat.


A heat gun is nothing to be afraid of. It is a wonderfully helpful tool that really puts some power and magic into your hands.

However, it is something that should be safely operated around children, and that you should research before jumping right into.

Not only for safety, but that way you can get the most out of every piece of Scorch Marker art you work hard on.

Happy crafting!

6 Responses

Shirley Bailey

Shirley Bailey

October 27, 2021

Interested in learning how to do crafts with Scorch Maker
What brand of heat gun do you recommend

Shirley Bailey

Shirley Bailey

October 27, 2021

Interested in learning how to do crafts with Scorch Maker
What brand of heat gun do you recommend

Susan Abbey

Susan Abbey

June 02, 2021

The last picture in this article shows the crafter using a mini heat gun, generally used for crafting. Those appear to only reach 300 F. Will that type of heat gun work for your product? Thank you!

barb clevelannd

barb clevelannd

April 16, 2021

can you use cricut heat press with this product?

Lori Ann

Lori Ann

March 02, 2021

Interested in your product

Lori Ann

Lori Ann

March 02, 2021

Interested in product

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