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DIY Food Safe Finish for Wood Burnt Crafts

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Finding the right wood finish for you can be difficult, especially when it comes to one that’s safe for use around food.

This could make it tempting to just skip the step altogether.

However, sealing your Scorch Marker crafts is a critical step in the process.

In this article, we’re teaching you to make your own food-safe, non-toxic, natural wood finish.

For a more in-depth view of the recipe, you can see a video of it being made onTikTok

It’s Important to Finish Your Scorch Marker Crafts

It might seem like a useless step, but finishing your wood crafts is so important for making sure they look nice for as long as possible.

Scorch Marker crafts aren’t waterproof, so using water or even watery foods around an unsealed cutting board can lead to smearing, bleeding, and the washing away of your design. 

Finishing a wood-burned craft can also protect your Scorch Marker design from fingerprints and the sunlight.

Make sure to reapply when that glossy look begins wearing off.

1. Grab a Crock-Pot

The first thing you need for your homemade wood finish is a crockpot.

Turn it on the highest setting to get it nice and hot.

This is a relatively quick process and doesn’t require much time at all.

Using a small slow cooker (you can usually find these at your local thrift store) will be best for this. 

2. Add Mineral Oil

With the Crock-Pot heated, it’s time to add your mineral oil.

This is a common ingredient in many cosmetics and personal care products and is completely safe for use around food.

It has no scent or color, so it won’t cause any yellowing to your craft.

We did 4 cups of mineral oil in our recipe.

3. Melt Your Beeswax Pellets

With your mineral oil added and heating up in the Crockpot, it’s time to move on to the next ingredient.

Beeswax is wonderful for use as a wood finish and is one of the most common ingredients for repelling water.

Beeswax helps extend the life of mineral oil, keeping your crafts protected for longer. 

We used ½ lb of beeswax pellets in our recipe.

4. Add Essential Oils

As an optional step, you can add essential oils to make your finish smell fresh and have even more benefits.

Lemon essential oil, for instance, has natural antibacterial properties.

Tea tree oil helps repel mold.

You can choose whichever ones you want here, or skip this step altogether. 

We added about 30-40 drops of our chosen ones.

5. Jar it Up

It’s finally time to add it to your jars!

Before it cools, spoon your finished product into mason jars (or whatever you want to store it in).

Keep in mind: your wood finish will need to be warmed a little before it’s ready for application. 

You did it!

You created your very own non-toxic, food-safe finish that can be used on all your Scorch Marker crafts.

Now, you don’t have to worry about reading through questionable ingredients or searching online for the perfect finish.

You created it yourself!

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July 25, 2022

I need the wood burning set for my hubby!

Donna Pettigrew

Donna Pettigrew

March 02, 2022

Can I buy your beeswax already made up? How much?

Mary A Tardy

Mary A Tardy

February 24, 2022

Need more info on the scorch maker. Need to know if there are any stencils on old classic cars. Also have a cricut and was wondering if I can make stencils with it. Please any information on this would be so helpful. The video on your ad goes so fast and doesn’t explain in full detail how it all works.

Cynthia shaw

Cynthia shaw

February 23, 2022

Can you use this to treat cutting boards, lumber slices to become food safe? Will the scents affect the food?
Thank you for this recipe.



December 01, 2021

I would like to make a hot coaster to set hot dishes on. Is it necessary to finish it

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