How to Wood Burn a Holiday Spoon for Christmas

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Christmas is only a few weeks away and the craft ideas are flowing endlessly now.

Whether you’re finishing up last-minute gifts, or simply creating some decor to get you in the spirit, the Scorch Marker is the perfect tool for Christmas crafting.

This wood-burning marker allows you to burn permanent designs into wood in a way that’s simple, easy, and best of all, non-toxic.

In this article, we’re teaching you to use the Scorch Marker to design and burn your very own Christmas spoon.

Then we’re sharing some adorable Christmas stencil patterns you don’t want to miss. 

The Scorch Marker is Food Safe and Non-Toxic

Because it’s completely food safe, the Scorch Marker is the best tool for designing your own custom wood spoons.

It allows you to create designs, customizations, and more without ever having to worry about safety.

Our formula is created with your health in mind, always.

5 Easy Steps for Creating a Wood Burnt Christmas Spoon

Now it’s time to get burning!

The Scorch Marker wood-burnt spoon can go from unfinished to fully designed in a matter of minutes.

Here’s how you do it. 

1. Sand Your Spoon

Before you can get to any burning, Scorch Marker projects require a little prep work.

This step is so important for preventing bleeding and achieving the crisp, clean lines you’re looking for.

We recommend that you sand all spoons to at least 500-grit, but those made of softer wood (like bamboo) may need to be sanded all the way up to 1000-grit. 

2. Apply Your Stencil

Once your spoon has been sanded, and the sawdust wiped away, it’s time to apply your holiday stencil.

Stencils made of any material can be combined with the Scorch Marker, it doesn’t matter if they’re made of vinyl, plastic, metal, or even paper!

Reusable stencils can easily be held in place with a few pieces of crafting tape. 

3. Draw Your Design with the Scorch Marker

Now, for the fun part. It’s finally time to use your Scorch Marker!

When it comes to this crafting tool, a little liquid goes a very long way.

Make sure that your marker is fully primed before crafting with it, dab any excess liquid on a paper towel, and then begin drawing.

A stencil is absolutely not necessary for the Scorch Marker, but it is helpful for achieving clean lines and professional designs. 

4. Watch the Wood Burn

Now, for the magic. 

Allow your design to dry for a minute or two before removing your stencil and, in the meantime, start preparing your heat gun.

We recommend a heat gun that’s at least 1500-watts in power to help make the most of your crafts.

Preheat your gun on the highest setting.

Then, once a few minutes have gone by, remove the stencil and apply your heat.

Make sure to hold the heat gun at least six inches from your craft, and that you apply it in a sweeping motion to prevent any hot spots. 

5. Finish Your Christmas Spoon

Finally, it’s time to finish your holiday wood spoon!

This isn’t a required step, but it is helpful for protecting your design and keeping it waterproof.

Our favorite food-safe finishes are Odie’s Oil and Shellac.

Scorch Marker Stencils Can be Downloaded for Free

Not sure what stencil patterns to use on your holiday spoons?

Not a problem!

At Scorch Marker, we give all our stencils away for free!

Simply choose the patterns you want, add them to your cart, and use the code ‘ilovestencils’ at checkout. 

Happy crafting!

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