2 DIY Wood Sign Ideas to Make with Your Scorch Marker

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Homemade wood signs are one interior look that will never go out of style.

The farmhouse feel, simplicity, and minimalist appearance of these signs can fit in with almost any layout.

And, who wouldn’t want to display some of their own handcrafted art?

In this article, we’re giving you some awesome DIY wood sign ideas that you can create with the family and would be proud to hang in your home. 

Crafting DIY Wooden Decor is Simple and Easy with the Scorch Marker

The Scorch Marker is truly unique.

Signs created with this tool are rustic and fun.

But beyond that, this marker also provides a feel that’s professional.

When combined with a stencil and quality finish, signs created with this marker look like they were picked out of a store. 

And, anyone can work with the Scorch Marker!

From the seasoned woodworker to the youngest member, everyone in the family will enjoy crafting with this tool.

It provides a great opportunity to tap into your creative potential and spend time enjoying life with those you love.

2 Wooden Sign Ideas to Turn Your House Into a Home

Wood signs are one of the best ways to fill the wall space in your home.

They add so much simple charm and can be customized in literally any way that you might imagine.

You can also add several different wood signs into one condensed area without making it feel cluttered.

While there are lots of options for personalizing your wooden wall signs, we’re sharing some of the best tips for beginners below.

1. Include Quotes and Text to Leave Others Feeling Inspired

Quotes, song lyrics, and other text are probably some of the most common choices for wood signs.

These tend to pair well with the simple, down-to-earth feel provided by the wood.

Try to choose quotes that provide the aesthetic that you’re going for, while also giving some insight into your family values and the things that make you tick. 

When using the Scorch Marker to create fine lines with crisp edges, it is so important that you sand your surface before drawing.

This blog post has lots of tips and tricks for getting clean lines every time.

2. Use Stencils for Seasonal, Matching Decor

If you’re looking for something a little more creative than fancy text or a cute quote, why not create an entire seasonal set?

Perfect for times like Valentine’s Day, Fourth of July, and autumn, guests are guaranteed to ask you questions about your matching decor.

Consider customizing wooden spoons, spatulas, and coasters to match your cute kitchen sign, no matter what time of the year!

And, to really make everything look professional and store-bought, you can even combine your Scorch Marker with vinyl stencils.

This will provide consistency, and help you achieve your desired result each time that you burn. 

But, in the instance of making a mistake or burn mark, Scorch Marker has you covered there, too!

All it takes is for you to sand away the unwanted burn with some sandpaper, and your piece is as good as new.

This tool has been designed for everyone in mind! Learn more about sanding away your mistakes on our TikTok channel

Let’s Get Crafty!

The home decor possibilities with the Scorch Marker are endless.

From wood signs to full kitchen decor, there isn’t much that you can’t do with this versatile gadget.

Follow us on all of our social media channels for more inspiration and suggestions. 

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