Our 5 Favorite Finishes to Use with the Scorch Marker

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Deciding on the right finish for your wood-burning project can feel overwhelming.

This step deserves your time and attention though, as it is one of the most important in the entire process.

There is a lot to know about finishing wood, and woodworking experts could talk about the topic for hours, but there are some basics that every crafter should keep in mind. 

In this article, we’re giving you the main reasons you should do your research before deciding on a wood finish.

Then, we’re talking about five wood burning finishes we’ve used with the Scorch Marker, and the ones you should consider using. 

Why the Finish You Choose Matters

Not all wood finishes are the same, and they’re not all created for the same purpose.

That’s why there are so many options!

And, while choosing the right one for you may feel confusing, we definitely recommend choosing and applying one.

Don't skip it!

The right finish not only improves the appearance of your project, but it can also protect it. 

And, with a little research, picking the right one for your projects is simple and easy.

Let’s talk about the five common finishes that we know.

The Top Finish Options to Choose From

When crafting with the Scorch Marker, there will be lots of different wood finishes out there to experiment with.

Each has its own advantages and downfalls, and is ideal for different circumstances.

Some of the finishes we have experience with are:


Shellac is one of the most common film finishes out there.

Created using insects in India, Shellac is totally food safe, and one of the best choices for finishing decorative pieces.

This finish is super helpful for enhancing the grain of the wood and can be found on Amazon here.


Lacquer is another relatively common wood finish that is most commonly sprayed on.

Modern lacquer tends to be solvent-based, and it provides a hard, extremely durable finish.

Most lacquer options dry into a hardened film, and have been declared food safe by the FDA (but make sure to check your specific brand).

Because of this, lacquer is typically used for finishing furniture and other high-traffic wood items.

A great option for lacquer can be found on Amazon here

Odie’s Oil

This is probably one of the most popular oils that you’ll see us using on our TikTok channel and recommending to others.

Odie’s Oil is another food safe finishing option, and is made with a proprietary blend of oils and waxes.

This spreadable wood butter really helps increase the shine of your design, and also provides a layer of protection.

Odie’s Oil can be found on Amazon here

Butcher Block Oil

The ideal option for cutting boards, wooden spoons, and other kitchen utensils, Butcher Block Oil is completely food safe and an awesome wood finishing option.

Created using mineral oil, beeswax, and carnauba wax, Butch Block Oil helps cure the wood and provides an impressive level of water resistance.

This option is also environmentally-friendly and resistant to mold, which is great in the kitchen! Butcher Block Oil can be found on Amazon here

Tung Oil

Tung Oil, extracted from the seed of the Tung tree, is the final wood finish for you to consider pairing with your Scorch Marker.

Completely non-toxic when dried, Tung Oil can be used on surfaces designed for food, and provides a beautiful finish on cutting boards.

Tung Oil does change the color of the wood, curing it to a beautiful amber finish, so this should be kept in mind.

If you do decide to try it though, Tung Oil can be found on Amazon here


While the Scorch Marker creates beautiful designs, permanent enough to withstand most normal use, knicks and scratches can damage its look over time. For wood-burned cutting boards, and other high-traffic items, this means your art could be unrecognizable in just a few months. That's why we always recommend finishing your Scorch Marker projects with a high-quality wood finish, like one of the ones we recommended above. 

And, make sure to always do your best work with the Scorch Marker by following our tips for getting crisp lines every time. 

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