3 Tips to Make Your Wooden Crafts Look Professional

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Whether you’re creating a gift for someone or are designing crafts to actually be sold by your business, wood is the perfect surface to work with.

It’s versatile, totally customizable, and fits in with any style of home decor.

There are also so many different materials and tools that can be combined with wood to help take it to the next level (one of our favorites is the Scorch Marker). 

So, if you’re looking for some advice to improve your wood crafts and make them more Instagram-worthy, have no fear!

In this article, we’re showing you three awesome tips to give your crafts that professional edge every time.

Improve Your Wooden Crafts with Three Simple Tips

The trick to bringing life to any wooden craft is to add some personality.

Wood is fun, great, and super sturdy, but it can also be a little bland.

Don’t be afraid to go wild.

Some of our favorite ways to accent wooden projects fall under one of three tips:

1. Make it Three-Dimensional

Wood slices, signs, and ornaments can be customized in countless different ways.

One of the best methods for taking these flat crafts to the next level is to add a little volume.

Ribbons, bows, pipe cleaners, and even live plants can be used to take a wooden craft from zero to hero.

We’ve added so much dimension and volume to so many simple wreaths and basic ornaments with just a little ribbon.

You can learn to tie several different types of bows here.

2. Burn It!

This is our favorite way to add some personality to any piece of wood.

And thankfully with the Scorch Marker, wood burning doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult.

Actually, all you really need is the marker and a heat gun to burn any design in any cut of wood. 

The Scorch Marker literally burns the fibers of the wood and leaves a design that is permanent and fully customizable.

And, since the heat isn’t added until after you’re done designing, the Scorch Marker can even be combined with stencils to create more detailed designs.

You can watch a video of us burning the air plant display on our TikTok channel. 

3. Add Some Color

As we mentioned before, wood is beautiful.

Its color can get a little boring though, especially when it comes to decorating your home with it.

We love to bring a little bit of life to our wooden crafts through color.

Paint, epoxy, and even live plants can always be added to a wooden craft to add in both dimension and color.

Take a look at this colorful rainbow craft we did this spring for some inspiration. 

Get Crafty with the Scorch Marker

The Scorch Marker is the perfect tool for any cut of wood.

It allows you to permanently burn names, designs, and other creations into wood, canvas, and even denim.

Because it’s completely non-toxic the Scorch Marker can even be used on wooden items designed for food use, like cutting boards and wooden spoons.

It truly is a revolutionary item for any woodworker. And we know you’ll love it. 

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