5 Scorch Marker Craft Ideas That Can be Made in Minutes

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One of the most amazing things about the Scorch Marker is how adaptable it truly is.

This crafting tool can be used by almost anyone and has helped create so many different works of art.

And these masterpieces don’t always take hours to design either!

Because the Scorch Marker can easily be combined with stencils, many projects take only minutes from start to finish. 

Today we’re showcasing 5 of them!

1. A Paper Mâché Planter

As mentioned above, the Scorch Marker is incredibly adaptable.

It may be called a “wood-burning marker”, but the truth is that this tool can be used on many different surfaces.

Paper mâché is one of them!

Planters made from paper mâché have been gaining lots of attention this spring, primarily because of their eco-friendly nature.

Jump in on the fun by adding some personality to yours with the Scorch Marker.

You can watch us create this cute little Easter planter on our YouTube channel.

2. A Useful Magnet

We’ve all been there: standing in front of our dishwasher, wondering whether the dishes inside have been washed or not.

It’s a confusing and frustrating situation.

And it’s one that can be avoided with a little creativity.

Simply rotate this burned wood slice to eliminate confusion (and encourage your family members to put the clean dishes away).

3. Wood Burned Coasters

Magnets aren’t the only craft that can be made with wood rounds.

Coasters are another super easy project that can also double as a gift for any holiday.

We love combining vinyl stencils with wood rounds to create customized coasters for parties and other get-togethers.

The live edge just adds a rustic layer that can’t be matched.

Check out some of our latest wood burned coasters on Instagram.

4. Customized Stationery

As mentioned above, the Scorch Marker wasn’t only meant for wood.

It also does really well on paper and cardstock, making it the perfect tool for customizing stationery and envelopes.

These permanent designs are guaranteed to be admired by anyone you send them to, and are extremely easy to add to any paper of your choice.

You can watch a video of that process on our TikTok

5. Personalized Wood Spoons

Not only is the Scorch Marker super cool and adaptable, but it’s also totally non-toxic.

This means that you can use it to customize all of your wooden utensils, cutting boards, and other kitchen gear without worry!

The liquid inside the Scorch Marker has been chemically tested and is completely food safe. 

Cutting boards and wooden spoons are actually some of our favorite surfaces for crafting. You can see some of our latest projects with those on Facebook

Final Tips

Sometimes, crafting can be overwhelming. Scorch Marker eliminates that stress. 

With us, you can achieve professional-looking crafts with just a few materials and a little bit of time.

We believe that everyone should be able to create the projects of their dreams.

And now you can! 

Purchase the Scorch Marker in our store today and save 20% on your first order by using the code ‘itslikemagic’ at checkout.

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