4 Scorch Marker Craft Ideas for the Absolute Beginner

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When most people hear the words “wood burning”, they think about complicated tools, dangerous equipment, and a difficult process.

That’s because, up until now, the hobby was quite difficult.

However now, thanks to the Scorch Marker, even total beginner’s can try their hand at wood burning by creating projects that will wow their friends. 

In this article, we’re sharing seven Scorch Marker crafts that even the beginner can create. 

The Scorch Marker Makes Wood Burning Easy for Everyone

Instead of requiring you to use dangerous tools or complicated equipment, the Scorch Markers puts the technology of wood burning into a marker.

Now, all you have to do to achieve a dark, permanent burn on almost any surface is simply draw it on, heat it up, and watch your burn come to life. 

Here are four craft ideas you can enjoy creating today.

1. Design An Envelope for a Loved One

The Scorch Marker doesn’t only work on wood!

This one-of-a-kind crafting tool can be used to burn canvas, cardboard, and even paper.

And, the great thing about burning paper is that there is no sanding required. 

To design your very own envelope, simply stick on your stencil, draw the design, and burn it into the paper.

You can see the entire process for this craft here on TikTok.

2. Customize a Paper Máché Planter

Regular paper isn’t the only surface to try burning with the Scorch Marker.

Paper máché can also be burned to create a design that’s unique, permanent, and hand-drawn.

Paper máché planters are a wonderful way to show off your wood burning skills, and to blow your friends away with your talent. 

To see all the steps for this craft, check us out on TikTok.

3. Create Your Own DIY Coaster Set

Looking to create something a little more traditional?

A DIY wood coaster set is not only a wonderful crafting opportunity, but also a functional gift idea.

All that’s required is a few cuts of wood (square-shaped or you can even use the small wood slices in our store), and your imagination. 

To recreate these spring-themed coasters, download our garden and herbs stencil pack for FREE with the code: ilovestencils.

4. Try Burning Your Own Gourd Bowl

For a truly special wood burning project, get your hands on a nice, dried gourd bowl.

This will definitely be one of your most favorite crafts ever!

The smells alone are absolutely divine, and everyone is guaranteed to be talking about your beautiful piece for years to come. 

To see the entire process of us burning this gourd bowl, watch it on TikTok

The Scorch Marker is one of the best crafting tools available for beginners and experts alike.

The possibilities for creating with this unique tool are virtually endless.

Make sure to follow us on social media to get new project ideas every single week, and send in photos of your crafts so we can share them!

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Gerri MacIlvane

Gerri MacIlvane

January 03, 2022

What instrument are you using for heat? What can you use? Thank you

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